On A Moto

On a moto, episode 1, The Double Tire Carry

I've heard it said that Haiti is a place where the impossible is possible and the the possible is impossible. I love that thought because it's TOTALLY true. One thing, however, that is NOT impossible is the transportation of pretty much anything on the back of a moto. That is something that Haiti has perfected. I've seen a moto with a coffin on the back of it, a moto with another MOTO on the back of it, but alas the camera was not ready. I am hereby vowing to carry the camera more often to find further episodes for this new series entitled, "On a moto" which highlight some of the more ingenious uses of a 110 or 125cc moto.

Today's entry, episode 1 is fairly tame compared to others I've seen, but just to get us going, here's the double Tire Carry.
This series welcomes guest contributors and will gladly offer you the photo credit and a link to your website or blog. Email me at gwenn@joyinhope.org with your "On a Moto" photos.

Edited to add-- I should mention that this blog series was suggested to me by Tim Weber. Thanks for the idea!


On a moto, episode 2, the twin mattress

Today's episode is brought to you by Megan Haug of Leve Project in Cay Jacmel.


On a moto, episode 3, a Sixer.

I have heard people tell of 6 on a moto, but every time I think I actually am spotting one it always turns out to be five.

Today's episode comes to us courtesy of the Livesay family. Some REALLY dear friends and excellent Haiti bloggers, CHECK THEM OUT HERE!!! Thank you, Livesay family, for making the thing of legends a reality for me.


On a moto, episode 4, DIY gas tank

Haiti has the REUSE part of the Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. thing down.

And who knows what the gas tank might be next... a cooking oil gallon again? A urinal? A "clean water" carrying jug?

Only time will tell.


On a moto, episode 5, Taking Out the Trash

Who says you need to borrow a truck to lug your trash to the dump?


On a moto, episode 6, Rebar (the accident waiting to happen)

So yeah-- here's a great idea. Let's carry, say, a dozen pieces of rebar off the back of a moto and make a whole lot of noise and sparks driving around. Ooh! Also, then when you whip around the corners, you can whip people with the rebar. Or maybe cars/other motos could get too close, run over the rebar and cause a huge accident.


On a moto, episode 7, The Preschool Table

Can't fit that table you painted for the preschool in the back of your mini-van? No problem. Send it on a moto!

(I love that there's a person behind the driver carrying the table... look close-- you just see his feet! )
Today's picture comes to us courtesy of Rhyan Buettner, Director of Espwa Berlancia... check them out!


On a moto, episode 8, Tuba

This one is actually pretty common. Funerals are big marching band events around here. So it's not uncommon to see people riding around on motos with instruments. I only wish it were the wrap-around kind...


On a moto, episode 9, Knock-Knock...

I wish I had snapped a shot of this from the moto driver's perspective because he was actually holding it as well-- and from the front it wasn't obvious that there was someone on the back. It was pretty impressive.

Also impressive is that I had my camera in the camera bag on the front seat of the car and (while driving) I managed to fetch the camera and get this shot. Multi-tasking should be my middle name.


On a moto, episode 10, the mo-tow

This picture here looks like a couple of moto drivers playing footsies. Or maybe he guy in the black shirt is kicking the guy in the orange shirt. Neither are true.

This is a very common phenomenon in Haiti that Nick and I have named, "The Mo-tow." What you're really seeing in this picture is that orange shirt moto driver ran out of gas and so black shirt moto driver decided to give him a tow. (Or a toe, as the case may be.) The driver with gas outstretches a leg and puts it firmly on the peg of the moto without gas (who is driving in neutral) and that way the power of the pusher's bike-- in this case, 110cc-- is powering both bikes.

This maneuver takes skillful driving, especially in Haiti with many uneven roads, speed bumps, etc.


On a Moto- Episode 11: The beer holder

I think this after-market feature is pretty practical for a place like Haiti, because yeah, while bobbing and weaving through traffic jams, it's important to have a tight hold on your alcoholic beverage.

Which got me to thinking. I know a lot of people who are in to creating new businesses/industries for Haiti. I see where some serious money could be made.

Besides, with room for two cans/bottles, you can offer that as an add-on to your taxi ride.

Dude-- just throwing the idea out there for the taking...


On a Moto Episode 12: Plumbing Supplies

Need to put in a toilet or some irrigation?  No problem if you have a 110.


On a Moto Episode 13: Chicken Coops

These are the containers that people carry chickens to and from the market it.  I regret not getting a picture with cases FULL of chickens, but I believe there are a few in the bottom container.  You do not need a truck to transport animals in Haiti.  I repeat-- you do NOT need a truck to transport animals in Haiti.


On a Moto Episode 14: The Birthday Cake

So you really would have to have visited Haiti to appreciate the constant cloud of dust that flies around (especially when riding a moto).   I can't imagine wanting to eat this cake when it arrives where it's going.  But that's just me.  I am probably being unreasonable, right?


On a Moto Episode 15: A Saddlebag of Goats.

Nick passed this guy.  (At least) five LIVE goats tied to the moto or in the hand-woven-made-for-donkeys saddle bags.  And the dude is on crutches.  How the heck did he achieve this?!?


On a Moto Episode 16: 4X8 fiberboard

It started out as a 4'X8' sheet of fiberboard.  By the time it got there it was 4'X7.5'...


On a Moto: Episode 17, Forget KFC

While definitely not the most impressive "On a Moto" I've ever seen, it's worth mentioning that it's the DRIVER that's carrying the chicken, not the passenger.


On a Moto- Episode 18/ Not OSHA Approved Episode 3

Here's a twofer for you.  This is a "Not OSHA Approved" way to carry a metal door "On a Moto."


On a Moto- Episode 19: The Shark

Today's installment is courtesy of Brittany Hilker with ReImagine Haiti.

The main question that comes to mind when viewing this picture is this-- WHAT is in the cooler?


On a Moto, Episode 20: The (occupied) coffin.

Today's edition of "On a Moto" is brought to you courtesy of my friend, Kristin, from Devoted to Children Foundation.

Kristin nabbed a pic I've been trying to get forever!  I have seen this wonder two other times before but have never had my camera handy.  The best part about this is that Kristin said the guy claimed the coffin was "occupied."

Clearly, no hearse necessary to transport the dead in Haiti.  A 125 cc moto will do the job!


On a Moto: Episode 21- The Fuel Efficient Vehicle

You think Prius is fuel efficient? ;)


On a Moto: Episode 22- Hog tied.

Look close.  There are two...

EDITED to add:

A friend of mine in Jacmel, Jan, sent me this pic.  She happened to see the pig farther down the road!


On a Moto: Episode 23, Backwards Man

A friend of mine sent me this picture earlier tonight.  It took me a few seconds to figure out what was going on here.  Just to help you out, this is not a conjoined twin scenario or a quadruple-legged man.  

Thanks Charles.