Friday, July 8, 2011

On a moto, episode 1, The Double Tire Carry

I've heard it said that Haiti is a place where the impossible is possible and the the possible is impossible. I love that thought because it's TOTALLY true. One thing, however, that is NOT impossible is the transportation of pretty much anything on the back of a moto. That is something that Haiti has perfected. I've seen a moto with a coffin on the back of it, a moto with another MOTO on the back of it, but alas the camera was not ready. I am hereby vowing to carry the camera more often to find further episodes for this new series entitled, "On a moto" which highlight some of the more ingenious uses of a 110 or 125cc moto.

Today's entry, episode 1 is fairly tame compared to others I've seen, but just to get us going, here's the double Tire Carry.
This series welcomes guest contributors and will gladly offer you the photo credit and a link to your website or blog. Email me at with your "On a Moto" photos.

Edited to add-- I should mention that this blog series was suggested to me by Tim Weber. Thanks for the idea!


  1. Love this! I feel like I never have my camera ready to catch the crazy things on motos in Haiti. My favorite are the live goats on a moto ;) I can't wait to see what others you capture.

  2. his transport mode doubles as protection in case of a collision. :-)

  3. OMG, I know hilarity will ensue with this series!


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