With every lesson learned a line upon your beautiful face: A year in review.

There have been countless moments of 2023 that have gutted me.  I was describing 2023 to a friend recently by saying that I feel like it was a year where I was a jellyfish-- just completely blobbing around and where I went was controlled completely by my environment.  I can't even explain the grief that I have felt at times.  AND, there were also great moments this year that I would be remiss not to mention-- mostly because I had great friends that showed up for me when I thought I would get swept under.  

Out of my 31,536,000 seconds in 2023, here are a noteworthy 26.


Fancy friend date night so I could wear my sequin dress.

My first new car!

After we separated (but before we were estranged) we tried to do the friend thing. 
That was nice.

This day, February 26, was the last time my family was all together.
I wish I had known then it would be the last time but I am glad we have this pic.

Date night with a lovely human I was seeing at the time. The relationship didn't last, but good memories.
PS- I love getting dressed up-- who is gonna get dressed up with me in 2024?

Megan Day, March edition. This girl is everything.

That time I became a poster child for diversity at my university.

Birthday shenanigans with most of my kiddos.

A visit from the gorgeous and supportive, Maria.

Grad school graduation with some of my cohorts!

Pride with friends. I cried a lot that day, but there were also lots of hugs and support.

Dyke night at Arcana with these two hotties.

I bought a kayak as a graduation present to myself and had a few (not that many) paddles.  
Hopefully more to come in 2024.

I feel there is no appropriate caption for this photo, or this dear friend.

Josiah's football game with my mom

BEAN!  (That is all).

In September I learned to sit by myself by a fire (a lot) and not hate being alone.
(Well, not hate it THAT much).

This person and their support all year long.

That night of my anniversary where we had a wedding dress party because I have the best friends.

Megan day, October edition

Indiana with Lee and his crew. This friend. Gah.

Roasting marshmallows with Finn, who happens to be the silver lining of my 2023.

Nothing better than nieces.

I am a lucky mom.

I am a lucky friend.

I am a lucky mom. 

I learned a lot of lessons (and earned a lot of lines on my face) this year.  

But here's the main idea.

I can get through this.
Friends are how I get through this.

(Also, Abilify + Prozac are how I get through this.)

Thank you to everyone who has shown up for me this year. I big love all of you. BIG love.

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