Karnaval Explained- Episode 9- Social Messages

Another  big part of Karnaval is groups of people marching for social change.  Below are some examples of some of these messages.

Don't burn plastic. (This is a group wearing clothes/decorations made from discarded plastic and encourages the protection of the environment.)

This group is encouraging the purchase of local products to boost Haiti's economy.

Respect people who have AIDS.  Encourage them and give them support.

 Going along with the above sign, this one says, "Take your time, pleasure can wait."

Clean water guarantees health.

Down with violence, kidnapping, and insecurity.  May justice live on.

Here Unicef and Save the Children are marching for children's rights and against violence against women.

 Here's a close-up of some of Unicef/Save's little marchers from last year... recognize anyone?
(Signs say, "All children have a right to school" and "All children have a right to live in a family."

"It's our duty to combat all kinds of violence"

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