Karnaval explained- Episode 8- The Sponsors

In the parades I grew up with, you would know who sponsored a float because their name was plastered all over whatever display they were sponsoring.  It's not too different in Haiti's national Karnaval, except that they present it a different way.  Jacmel is known for its art-- specifically paper mache.   And so, MUCH of the Karnaval is presented with this medium, including some of the sponsored messages.

Jumex juice

LTH deep cycle batteries

Pantè condoms

Chancellor Rum

Barbancourt Rum

Bakara Rum  (Yes, there's a rum theme here.  Remember, Haiti grows a lot of sugar.)

Apollo laundry soap.

Ti Malice cooking oil.

Local cigarettes.

Bodybuilder wine.  (This is one of the two varieties of body builder wine we have available here.)

Various drink selections including Ragaman, Fiesta, Tampico, Robusto, etc.

Tandress toilet paper.  (This was taken the week before Karnval outside one of the paper mache shops.)

So, you know, all the basics for life here in Haiti, right? ;)

All in all, a pretty cool, creative way to get your sponsor message across, don't you think?


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