Mangine Family Christmas Video, 2012

Advent begins today!

We're (obviously) not professional singers or actors or photographers or videographers, but this Christmas greeting for you is heartfelt and genuine.  


This is our Haitian American adaptation of the  Song:  Light of the Stable, by Emmilou Harris.

(in English)
Hail, Hail to the newborn king
Let our voices sing him our praises
Hail, Hail to the guiding light
That brought us tonight to our Savior

Halle-  Hallelujah.

(in Kreyol)
Kriye, pou ti wa ki fèt
Avek vwa nou annou bay lwanj nou
Kriye pou limye nou swiv
Ki mennen nou pou wè Sovè'a

THANKS to my mom, Denise, who brought down most of the costumes and took most of the pictures.  She also made a short series of advent videos from the photoshooto shoot for her kid's class at church.

See them here:
Advent week 1
Advent week 2
Advent week 3
Advent week 4 

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