Homemade Dominican Fantasy Photos

I will be brief for my introduction as the photos speak for themselves.  We were staying in Boca Chica this past several days at a resort there.  One of the options was to buy their fantasy photos.... you'd hire them to take pics of your family or you or whatever and then you buy them.  They were PERSISTENT to say the least-- and their display photos were really, really redonk.

So we thought we'd spend the last morning of our vakay, recreating (on our own) some of these special scenes.  We snuck photos of THEIR display photos and set off to work.  We spent $8 on sunglasses and $7 on a hat (which we left for the maid.)  It took about 30-45 minutes of shooting, and then a couple of hours of editing, but here they are.

Each set of two is first the ACTUAL Dominican fantasy photo.  The second in each set is OUR version of the fantasy photos.  
Standing casually in front of a boat.

Tile sunglass refections...

Sensual beach layout.... (WHO LAYS OUT LIKE THAT???)

Young spirited beach modeling

Pouty teenager beach modeling

Tourist gak beach modeling.

Beach Yoga.

Napping on a comfortable palm tree.


Smokey Eyes

 Throwing caution to the wind!!!!

The sultry silhouette 

Hope you enjoyed our photos as much as we enjoyed taking them.  Nick is a rockstar with incredible self-confidence to do this in front of a beach full of people.  Stay tuned tomorrow for some of our "free style modeling" that we'd like to suggest to the Domincan Fantasy Photo Shop.  

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