Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A visit from Nana

Last night Nana (my mom) came out for a short visit... it was her first time meeting Nico, and the first time she has seen Josiah since the hospital. It was nice to see her and Nico did great.

Some pics posted here--
BTW- it's officially impossible to get a good picture of everyone in the family at once when you have three small children.

You know what's weird? Even though we "missed" the first two and a half years of his life, we are still getting to experience a lot of "firsts" with Nico-- at least I assume they are his firsts... like his first ice cream cone, his first McDonald's happy meal... Sometimes Nick and I get frustrated that he's not eating better, but then we remind ourselves that pretty much everything he's eating is a new taste for him-- that kind of changes our perspective.

Life is... well... good. Very, very busy. Pretty overwhelming. But still good. I have to admit that it's probably harder than I thought it would be, even though Nico is adjusting better than I thought he would. So I guess what I am saying is that I had a lot of false confidence in my abilities as a mother! :) I know it's going to take time to settle into a groove. It's really hard now that Nick is back to work, but I just remind myself that raising kids is my job now-- and it's the only time these kids will be this age. I don't want to miss out on anything because I am just trying to "get through it"--know what I mean? I want to enjoy this time and drink it all in. I am learning to let things around the house go-- I mean REALLY let them go... and not even really care that it pretty much that it looks like a tornado went through when people come over.

Since so many people are asking me-- yes, I am still doing the nursing AND pumping routine with Josiah. Yeah, it's a pain. But it's pretty important to us that he get exculsively breastmilk after all he's been through. And I am still giving Nico a cup of breastmilk a day too-- his diarrhea has been totally gone since we've started doing that and he's not had any food problems, so I am just going to keep it up as long as I have the will to do it.

Another thing people are asking is how the kids are sleeping. ACtually, they are doing really well. Nick and I have only spent one night in our room since Nico's been home, but that's okay. We are working on cutting the cord (for us, not for him!) I think it's that we just feel like we've missed so much with him that we want to be around him all the time... plus, he does wake up at night sometimes and is afraid. Once he knows we are there he goes right back to sleep. Tonight we are going back to our room-- probably for good. So all the kids are in one room. Josiah is basically sleeping through the night. Last night he was up once, but that was a fluke I think because he's been going anywhere from 7-10 hours uninterrupted. Nico sleeps like a champ-- usually 10-11 hours a night and a LONG (3+ hour) nap.

When we look back over the last two months (Josiah will be 2 months old tomorrow!)-- we have SEVERAL things that we just shake our heads in amazement at. More on that another day... gotta go for now.

Monday, July 30, 2007

First trip to Wendy's + He's a Maniac...

Here are some videos of the kids--

The first one is before our trip to Wendy's. The second one is after. :) I guess you could say that Nico officially failed Wendy's.


The third and fourth are of the 3 N's (Nick, Nia and Nico) being "maniacs"... pretty funny stuff. (Note Josiah just chillin' in the background watching incredulous. :)

Church was good yesterday-- Nico did NOT fail church. (Both of my other children usually do, so that was a nice treat.)

We're tired and busy, but overall good.

We have the best friends ever... meals out the wazoo and we even got a $200 "donation" for Pediasure. Awesome, huh?

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Oh! One other thing! (you won't believe this!)

So yesterday afternoon we were sitting at the table and Nico starts holding the front of his pants and said, "Pee pee." Nick got up and brought him to the bathroom and sat him on the potty and he wouldn't go and kept wanting to get up. So Nick figured it was just a fluke and went to put his diaper back on. Nico, however, didn't want his diaper back on and kept trying to get back to the potty. Nick at first couldn't figure out what he wanted, and then realized he wanted to go back to the potty and stand. So Nick put him up on a stool (because he's far too short to reach otherwise) and Nico peed on the potty. And then he did it FOUR more times that evening. He would tell us he needed to go and then go.

I had not even THOUGHT of trying to potty train him until we had the language thing worked out, but clearly he had other thoughts... crazy huh?

(And just in case you are wondering, he wasn't potty trained in the orphanage that we know of-- he certainly wasn't when we visited him in March.)

Our challenge is the height issue. He's not at all wanting to sit, but can't reach on his own. However, the stools we have are too tall so he makes a mess... I think we'll be searching for a shorter stool to try to work it out.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Going to church, meeting the cousins-- a BUSY 24 hours...

Last night we took Nico to our church for the first time-- they were having a special event. So many people in our church have been praying for Nico that it was like he was a celebrity. :) Everyone was on their "best behavior" and he didn't get too wigged out.

Today my sister Gretchen came to visit with Jon and her three kids. It was a lot of fun. I can't believe how well Nico did all day long. In the morning they all played in the sprinkler, the baby pool and the slip n' slide. Then after lunch we all went to Pullen Park where Nico rode his first carousel and train. (He actually liked the train so much he went twice.) He had what I would assume was his first snow cone too.

Nico did GREAT with meeting his relatives. He seemed so tiny next to his cousins, but I guess that's because he IS tiny. He loved playing with Uncle Jon and snuggling with Auntie Gretchen. I am so proud of him.

Here's some pics from our fun day:

Friday, July 27, 2007

FINALLY posted some pics!


Lack of photos... etc...

First let me say that I am sorry I haven't posted any new pics in a while. I have been taking a bunch of pics and video, but just last night when I was going to upload them my batteries died and I wasn't able to do it-- and of course I didn't have any new batteries! I will get some more today so you can see all three of our cuties.

Also, I realized that I haven't really updated you on the other kids in a while... so here goes:
Nia is doing pretty well. She is working through some jealousy with Nico. She only ever seems to want to play with a toy if HE is already playing with it... then, of course, it's her favorite thing. She also likes to tattle and always wants to know exactly what Nico has done wrong when she hears us say "Nico, no." from the other room. We are using the phrase, "mind your business little lady" all too often. That being said, she is a big help. She clearly loves both of her brothers and it's really cute to see her and Nico mimic each other often.

Josiah is great. He's so chunky. I love him so much and I am trying to spend good time with him each day. Today we went for a morning walk and he was just cooing and smiling away before he drifted off to sleep. Knowing this is our last "baby" baby (we will likely adopt at least one more child-- probably an older girl-- at some point...) I don't want to miss a second of it and I worry that he's sort of falling through the cracks with all the commotion in our home.

Now that Nico is doing well at home we are going to try to ease him into other activities every day. Today I think I am going to bring him to my Weight Watchers meeting-- I don't know how that will go, but I will leave if I have to. I just want him to get used to "normal" errands. I haven't brought him out by myself yet (other than on a walk) so I think this will be good.

Please keep your family in our prayers. Nick is going to try to get back to work next week, and so that's when "reality" will really kick in. It's a totally different reality from what we are used to, but a really good reality none the less.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Doctor Day...

It's 8PM and all three of my kids are asleep... sigh. I am going to make this quick so I can really drink in the quiet before I need to go to bed myself.

Today Nico had his "big" appointment with his pediatrician. We are blessed to live near a doctor who specializes in international adoption. The appointment was LONG (almost 3 hours!), but good. I felt like Nico got really careful attention. In this day and age of 2 minute visits with doctors, it was refreshing to have someone spend so much one-on-one time with us.

They gave him a careful checking over-- poking and prodding pretty much all over. They gave him 3 immunizations, a TB skin test and a chest x-ray (he had just a tiny rattle in his chest), and drew blood for probably a dozen different things. They gave us a kit to take home to check for parasites-- don't ask... :) Nico weighed 23.1 lbs (with clothes on.) That makes him SIGNIFICANTLY below the 3 percentile (which is the lowest number on the chart.) So I guess we had better be prepared for long haul with Pediasure. I can't imagine having to TRY hard to gain weight.

For the most part, Nico did exceptionally well. He didn't like the needle part, but who does?

Oh! And they are treating him for scabies. The doctor doesn't really think that's what his skin problem is, but he's going to give this a shot before referring us to a dermatologist.

Strom(our dog) and Nico are doing a little better. Actually, I should have said that in the reverse way-- Nico and Strom are doing a little better... Strom doesn't have a problem with Nico. :) Nico is actually at the point where he taunts the dog when he is in his crate or behind the baby gate. But it's hilarious because it's a totally different story when we let the dog out. Nico runs for the nearest parent as fast as he can.

It's becoming more obvious that Nico is very comfortable here in our home. He still us unsure when we go out somewhere, but he seems very comfortable at home. He even let Grandpa wrestle with him today. It was awesome.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Target's not a big hit for Nico...

That's going to be a problem in our family. just kidding.

My friend Deena took Nia today for a museum outing so Nick and I just have the boys for a few hours.. We had to get a few things-- after the pantry infestation we were pretty low on some essentials, plus we were out of Pediasure... and considering that's a staple in his diet at this point, we thought it wise to go to Target and stock up again. He was a little wigged out by it I think. I kept him in the sling the entire time, but at one point Nick went down a different aisle he got upset and started whimpering... which just about makes me want to ball! I can deal with the screaming tantrums, and even though I don't like them, I am even starting to find a little humor in them as he throws himself on the ground and rolls clear from one end of the room to the other. Additionally, crying seems to make him salivate and he's usually drenched the front of his clothing in drool by the time it's all over and done with. But the whimpering... it's just too sad.

Last night he didn't have a good sleeping night. After he fell out of bed I put him in the bed with Nick and I. It was sweet that as soon as he fell asleep he turned over and laid ON TOP of Nick in his sleep. (He made a wise choice in that I can't stand being touched in my sleep.) However, at one point he woke up screaming blood curdling screams just terrified. He obviously was disoriented and didn't know where he was... it was heart-breaking. I do believe that he's attaching to us, but I also realize this will take time and that he has a lot of loss to work through.

One thing we are noticing about Nico is that he's definitely two years old! He does have a touch of the "terrible twos" and we can see a distinct difference between tantrums because he's emotionally fragile and tantrums because he's two. That might not make a whole lot of sense to you, but it probably would if you spent time with him. Yesterday I told Vivian (our social worker) that I am glad that he's not our first child, so we can recognize some of the behaviors that are just intrinsic to two year olds, and know when to be firm with boundaries and when to let it slide.

One thing I didn't expect to happen that is happening is that both Nick and I are just PAINED for little Nico. It hurts so badly sometimes to look at him (even if he's happy) and just realize how much we've missed with him, how confusing and scary this must be for him... Nick told me yesterday that he wonders if the ache will ever go away, or if there will be moments for the rest of our lives that we grieve the time we lost with him and all he has lost. I don't know.

I want to thank everyone who has been bringing us meals, sending gifts, etc... I am behind on thank-you notes again! lol Well, I think you technically have a year to get out wedding thank you notes-- so I am going to use that guideline as well considering this is our second new kid in as many months. (Speaking of which, can you believe my chunky-monkey Josiah will be EIGHT weeks on Friday!? How did THAT happen?)

I am also a little behind on emails/phone messages... sorry-- I am really going to try to get back to you all soon... we are just sort of in "survival mode" (as my friend Deena put it.) We are triaging life and trying to keep the kids fed, diapers changed, get THEM dressed (us is a different story). I know it will get easier-- we're just waiting for that to happen! :) Literally yesterday morning I told Nick that I needed 15 minutes to take a shower, get dressed, brush my hair, etc as I realized I had been wearing the same thing for two nights and one day without changing.

One final thing-- a GREAT BIG thanks to my friend Bonnie who graciously gave me a whole mess of Tupperware modulars she was no longer using. Listen folks, I think you should go ahead and get some for your house too. This grain weevil situation is something I NEVER want to do again... we had to throw SO much food out (probably 3 big garbage bags full). Now you are probably wondering why we didn't notice them sooner... well, I haven't actually been doing a whole lot of cooking since the new baby arrived. We had gone to BJ's to load up on some essentials, and I think they came in on the rice. We've gotten a lot of meals brought to us since J-man was born and ordered a lot of others... it wasn't really until we started seeing some odd-looking bugs outside the pantry that we really understood what was happening. Anyway, all of this is to say it's a pretty miserable thing to deal with so do yourself (and your local Tupperware consultant) a favor and get you some modulars! I can hook you up with a consultant if you need one. (And no, I am not one... this is just my PSA for the day. :)

Gotta go-- I don't want to “use up” Nico's entire nap time.

Ups and downs

That's how I would describe today. Nico is basically always just seconds away from a meltdown. He usually does really, really well, but that can al change very quickly, with no warning or predictability. In many ways I feel like we are walking on eggshells around him so he doesn't get upset. Tantrums can last anywhere from just a couple minutes to an hour or more. I ache for him to understand how much we love him.

He also definitely gets grumpy when he's hungry, but he's not all that interested in most foods we try with him, so it's good he likes Pediasure. In fact, before bed tonight he drank two containers of it right in a row. That's almost 500 calories (-- or 10 WW points for anyone who's curious! :) So we know he's getting nourishment even though he's not eating super-well.

Tomorrow we are going to have to set his mattress on the floor because he keeps falling out of bed. (Even with the railing on.)

Here's some pics from today and yesterday:

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

just letting everyone know...

we had a good night.

Everyone was asleep by 9PM without too many dramatics.

After the last frenzied post I wanted to let you all know.

And also, I just wanted to say that I am just trying to present the situation in a real way. Even with all the crying and hysterics, this is SO worth it. We knew we'd have harder times. We knew the adustment wouldn't be without hiccups. I just don't want you to think that I am complaining... I am just trying to give you a real snapshot of our lives. Make sense?

Monday, July 23, 2007


I only have a minute but wanted to update you all-- sorry no pics today. I *think* took a few??? but I don't have time to upload them.

Today has been a challenge. Nico has started to have more frequent, longer-lasting (like an hour long!) tantrums. We know intellectually that this is a good thing-- that he feels comfortable enough with us to act out like this, but boy, it's not fun when it's happening. It breaks my heart.

Today was a busy day-- Nick had a meeting this morning, we had Nick's parents over to meet Nico, I spent over an hour trying to get some questions answered about adding Nico to our health insurance, I had to do some shopping AND we realized we had a pretty major infestation of grain weevils in our pantry--- so the house is basically a wreck in many different aspects. The food is all out of the pantry-- we've had to throw away all the cereal, rice, pasta, basically anything grain based. I realized I was about to blow and had to leave the house for a little bit because I didn't want to lose it in front of the kids. I went and got a cup of coffee and read a tabloid magazine and just checked out for 30 minutes... it was great. (Did you know Janet Jackson gained 35 pounds and is "huge" again? If 155 is HUGE, I am in a lot more trouble than I thought.) I left poor Nick at home with the 3 kids. Thankfully he was gracious about the whole thing and gave me the space I needed.

I want to thank Deena and CC for coming over with the meal and helping with the kids-- Nick said your timing was impeccable! I am sorry I wasn't there... we really LOVED the dinner... thanks for the healthy choices, it will make my Weight Watchers weigh-in easier on Thursday morning! lol

I am going to finish in the AM even though it's a wreck because I am determined to be ready for bed by 8 tonight... that way if it takes a few hours again, at least we can get to bed at a reasonable time.

PS- Even with all the drama of the day-- this is still SOOO very worth it. And hey, just like the bear hunt book, we can't go over it we can't go under it, we have to go through it.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Lots of firsts today...

Today was our first family outing. It only took us two hours to get ready to go-- feeding the baby, pumping, changing diapers, packing the diaper bag, getting snacks and drinks ready, getting the car seats reinstalled in the van, feeding Josiah AGAIN...

We went to the flea market to buy some supplies we needed for Crosspointe's upcoming trip to Haiti. It went really well. We pushed Nia and Josiah in the double stroller and I put Nico in the sling since he would prefer to be held anyway. You could tell he wasn't really sure what was going on, but he didn't get upset... just kind of quietly took it all in.

We got home, ate lunch and took naps-- all of us. That was probably the best part of MY day. :)

Nico met Strom today-- yeah, he doesn't enjoy the dog all that much. Actually not at all. He pretty much hates him. So... we are just trying to keep them separated as much as possible now and see if we can slowly work it out. We had thought of leaving Strom with Nick's parents for a while but we came to the conclusion that it might confuse Nico to get him good and comfortable with us and then reintroduce this thing that brings him fear. So we will just try to hit it head on and hopefully we can work it out.

This evening we went over to a friend's house for a cookout. It was so nice. Nico was nervous at first, but warmed up. He sat on my lap for about an hour and then wanted to get down and play-- we got out a soccer ball and he was a CHAMP. He loved kicking the ball and running with it... he could actually dribble.

When we got home it was past everyone's bed time so we quickly got the kids ready for bed-- but Nico wasn't really ready and had a major tantrum. He refused to be comforted and was just itching like crazy. So we got hom out of the bed and put him in an oatmeal bath. He soaked for a while and then we got him out and SLATHERED him up with some unrefined shea butter we bought at the flea market today... that seemed to help. Nick just bought him back into the bedroom and he's at least calm-- hopefully he will go to sleep as he is very tired. (we all are.) Nick and I were hoping to sleep back in our room tonight, but we'll see if Nico is ready for it.

Health update-- his diarrhea seems a lot better. I am pretty sure it was related to the dairy he ate on the plane. We've been steering clear of that and it's steadily improving. He loves pediasure and soy formula, so that's good because he's at least getting calories. I also gave him a glass of breastmilk today (I am pretty sure that stuff has super powers) since I have a lot of milk-- more than enough for just Josiah... I have the door of my freezer FILLED with it-- 24 bottles extra last I counted. Since he drank it without complaint I thought I'd try to give him a glass everyday to help build his immunity.

Nico also has what appears to be a boil on his arm... it seems tender to the touch and is like a hard knot under his skin. Just another thing to mention to the dr. this week. I am glad we don't go until Thursday-- it gives us time to "discover" all the things we want to ask about. :)

Okay, I have got to get to bed. Thank you once again for all of your prayers-- they have worked. This child fits perfectly into our family and we are so amazed at how well the transition is going.

Love to you all-- today's pics posted here:

Saturday, July 21, 2007

What a day!

Okay-- let me just say this-- I LOVE MY KIDS!

Today was another good day. Nico is adjusting very well. Don't get me wrong, it's not all sunshine and lollipops. He's testing limits and gets pretty withdrawn at times. But his smiles also light up the whole house.

His stomach issue is somewhat better but not great. He's still eating well and drinking Pediasure-- won't touch Pedialyte with a ten foot pole.

Photos from today-- http://picasaweb.google.com/ng.mangine/NicoDay2

As you can see in the above photos-- he and Nia are getting along well... they already are bickering like brother and sister, so I guess they are officially siblings no matter how you slice it. :) Nia is doing well with all of this... I am very proud of her. It's hard for her to understand why the all same rules don't apply to him as to her. We've tried explaining that she's older and she understands our language, but that doesn't always pacify the situation... she's getting there though. I think already twice today I heard them bickering and I said from the other room, "Work it out you two!"

I am learning a reality about life with three kids and a small house. You NEED to stay on top of housework or it will stay on top of you. I am actually looking forward to Strom coming home from the kennel tomorrow so he can clean up after Nico... yeah, not the neatest eater I have ever met.

Well, I need to get to bed as the rest of my family has already turned in for the night as are probably chatting away in there. (Nick and I are sleeping on a mattress on a floor in the kids room until at least the diarrhea is better as he doesn't wake up when it happens and I don't want him lying in it all night.) So all five of us are sleeping in the kids' room... I guess you could say we're doing life Haitian style!

Oh, one last thing-- yeah, the language barrier isn't that hard to negotiate with a toddler. There's a lot of pointing and repeating, but I feel like he understands us and we understand him.
God has been so gracious to us.

Any just in case anyone is wondering-- he TOTALLY "feels like" my kid. It feels awesome. I love him so much-- it REALLY isn't any different than with biological kids. People have always told me that, and I am pleased to report that they are right!

A decent night

So having two kids get up in the night may just do us in! Just kidding. The only reason Nico was up at night was the diarrhea. It is pretty bad. We are now on the third set of bedding and pj's. And remember folks... this is all while he is wearing diapers. I went to Walgreens at 3AM to see if I could find some rubber pants to go over his diaper-- but no luck. I bought Huggies (we have been using Pampers) just to see if that works any better for us.

During Nico's 3AM blowout (after Josiah's 2AM feeding) I tried to give Nico some more Immodium and he was NOT happy about that. He had a MAJOR screaming fit and didn't want to calm down. I just tried holding him for a while but he was so mad that it wasn't easy. So after a few minutes I put him down and he just wandered around the house screaming. I was nearby the whole time, and after about 2-3 minutes he turned to me and put his arms up to be picked up. I picked him up and he settled down and fell back asleep. He's a good sleeper. In fact, he hasn't woken up for any of the nighttime "episodes" yet... they've happened in his sleep-- I have just heard it (and smelled it!) and had to wake him up to change everything out. Fortunately, he loves the bath.

He is definitely two! He's got a lot of energy and is all boy-- he loves to play and climb. I can't wait until he wakes up so we can go outside and play. I think he may perhaps be more adept at sporting type activities than Nia-- which I think is going to be lots of fun for Nick.

I posted a few more pics here:

This whole "two new kids" is going to mean that we have our hands full for a while, but I LOVE IT! We really expected Nico's initial transition (meaning the first day) to go much worse. (We're optimists, huh?) We know that we still have a climb ahead of us, but we are definitely surprised at how well it's gone so far. THANK YOU for all of your prayers-- keep them up... they are working.

Also please continue to pray for Nico's health-- namely the stomach problem. We've also noticed a few other health-related things that can wait until we see his pediatrician this week-- without getting into all that, please just pray that we can identify any problems and address them quickly.

Friday, July 20, 2007


Today has been an amazing day.

Nico Josué is HOME. We are all under one roof and it's going much better than we thought it would. He really is a different kid than when we visited him.

He's happy... and he's FUNNY. He really is a joker. He laughs and smiles. He actually was POSING for the camera. He talks a lot but we have no idea what he's saying. He talked on the phone with his Nana and Tia and Gretchen. I LOVE this kid!

He's been a pretty good eater-- loves watermelon and LOVES to drink water.

Nia is doing well. She doesn't understand why he doesn't talk back to her when she asks him something. She's a little jealous, but I think that's to be expected.

I have to go-- Nick is managing the kids downstairs while I type this. Just wanted to let you know that all my babies are in their nest.

Here's a link to just a few pics I uploaded.

Oh-- please pray for him as he has some pretty bad diarrhea. He's had a few incidents with it and it's really bad-- we are talking COMPLETE change of clothes and a bath-- and this is while in a Pamper... It smells REALLY REALLY bad too, so I am thinking it's not just something he ate...

Friday, July 13, 2007

We got "the call"

(this pic was taken this week when a friend was visiting Nico's orphanage)

Hey all--

Today was a happy day for us... We got the call that Nico will be coming home one week from today-- July 20th... After 21.5 months of this process our son will be home with us for good. (And you all thought Josiah was overdue!) No wonder I am still carrying 25 lbs from my pregnancy. :)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

2 "well" children

Both Nia and Josiah had well-child appointments today. Everything went perfectly! It was so reassuring. Josiah is in th 75 percentile for weight and 90th percentile for height-- chunky monkey.
Here's Nia wearing her nurse outfit Mint Jenny gave her... she insisted on wearing it today to her appointment. I decided to choose my battles-- and I have to admit it was pretty cute.
J-man still has that little cowlick curl on the top of his head... it's pretty dang adorable. And hey, at least it takes attention off of his lovely cradle cap.

No new news on Nico-- we are just sitting here waiting for the phone to ring hoping there's news!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cardiology appointment

Today we went for Josiah's first cardiologist follow-up. They checked him all out and basically said he's healing perfectly! Dr. Milazzo said that Josiah's "as good as it gets" post-op for TGA. He's very pleased with everything. We follow up again in a month and then if things look good then we will space it out probably every 6 months or so. Josiah still has a small hole in his heart (which we knew) and a heart murmur that is completely normal and expected following his surgery. He said both should "self-repair" probably by age two (or possibly sooner.) He also said that he believes that his surgery is a permanent fix and we shouldn't have to have any more procedures (which can sometimes happen if valves leak or something.)

Nico news-- today he was supposed to have his visa appointment at 1:00PM Haiti time (2:00 our time.) He should have his visa in hand tomorrow afternoon and then we are just waiting for him to be escorted. So while the 12th (tomorrow) is not going to happen, it really IS any day now.

These past few days I have been very reflective about all this Josiah stuff, as well as the wait on bringing Nico home. I truly believe that God is sovereign and we can trust him. I believe things happen for a reason, which we may or may not eventually find out. But even so, I have been feeling so discouraged-- feeling like I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop... it's almost like I am expecting another problem to pop up. We've had incessant dealings with illness and injury in my side of the family over the past few weeks. I was scared today to go to the cardiologist and I am even a little scared to go to regular well-child visits because I am afraid they are going to find something is wrong. I know that God did not give me a spirit of fear, so I try not to dwell on these kinds of things, but sometimes I just don't know how to process it all. Anyway, I think I am rambling...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A weekend with the cousins

Micah and Josiah

Katie and Josiah

5/7ths of the cousin crew

Josiah had his first trip to the beach over the weekend. Believe it or not, the beach wasn't actually that fun with a 5 week old. Aside from being sunscreened and covered he was under a beach cabana to keep him out of the sun. Yeah, not a whole lot of fun for him. Or me really. :) Nia and I went back the next day with Grandad sans Josiah. That was pretty fun.

Josiah is starting to get more predictable with his schedule (somewhat) and so it's getting a little easier to get things done around the house. Yesterday I put in a few hours of much-needed cleaning around here, however, I didn't end up getting dressed until almost 7 PM. I went out to the store at that point, so I had to get dressed. When I was out I bought a new pair of PJ's... I figured if I was going to be spending that much time in a pair of pajamas I might as well look good and be comfortable. :)

In other news-- I have a new niece! Baby Evie was born on the 8th. She is SO cute and just perfect. I can't wait to meet her in person. I know that Mel and Chris are going to be great parents. Oh, and I want to give Chris some mad props as he was wearing his "My wife is Hot!" shirt the day after the baby was born. Well done Chris.

Nico-- yeah, we still don't have a date. All we know is that the 12th is now "unlikely." Aargh. Maybe we will get some more info today??? Dear Lord, please give me patience.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A new post-- but nothing all that exciting.

Hello everyone...

Again it's been a while since I have posted-- I can't even believe how little time I have for "guilty pleasures" like getting online...

Things have been going pretty well. We are finding a grove that works for us, but it hasn't always been easy. Josiah is a pretty good baby but he sometimes gets into these crazy moods when he wants to stay awake for for many, many hours (like dozens of them) at a time. It's insane. And then the next day he doesn't want to stay awake at all... He is getting some pretty "colorful" baby acne and cradle cap-- beautiful. His belly button FINALLY fell off and he LOVES LOVES LOVES baths. Okay, and here's a funny story about him. Sunday morning he was just laying on a blanket having some "alone" play time and was just kind of fussing and being cranky. All of a sudden he stopped fussing and I looked over at him and he had gotten his giraffe's mouth into his and he was sucking on it. He would occasionally knock it out and then he'd fuss, but when he could put it back in his mouth, he'd stop... so I guess he won't be a pacifier baby or a thumb baby, but a giraffe baby! (Of course I snapped a pic.)

We're still having nursing stuggles but we are still keeping at it. I am not yet willing to say that Josiah will never nurse full time, but I am thinking that we have to at least entertain that possibility. In the meantime, we've decided to keep the hospital grade pump we rented for at least a few more months. We looked into how much one would cost as it's kind of pricey to rent ($70/month) but I discovered that's because it costs $1,600 to buy... for Pete's sake! So we will just rent...

Sunday was Nia's birthday. Nia took a friend with her and they went to Build a Bear and built bears and then they had lunch and cake... it was lots of fun. Plus we decorated Strom like a hula dancer, so how much more fun could you have?

Sunday night I started feeling under the weather-- high fever and chills/sweats... By Monday morning I knew I had mastitis so I went to the doctor and sure enough that's what it was. The past two days I have felt pretty badly but I am starting to perk up now.

We still don't have a definite Nico date. We're thinking possibly July 12th??? We are SO close. (I know you have heard that from us before, but this time it's true... :) We have his passport and are just waiting for his visa. Soon soon.