Monday, March 24, 2014

Our little house. (A photo tour.)

I have been promising for a while that I'd show pics of the inside of our home.  Remember, we have 4 small bungalows on our yard and Nick, me, and the American contingent live in only one of them.  (I would say they are each about 650ish square feet each.)  However, most of the houses are identical and so by seeing one, you're basically seeing all of them.

So, here she is.

The front has a porch that's just big enough for two rocking chairs....

...and one mastiff foot stool.

You head in to an open living room/kitchen area.  This space was hard to work with because it was SO small and you had to fit a kitchen, a dining area, and a living room.

So, we used the weirdo protruding concrete half wall to make a built-in table.  These two hanging IKEA lamps added a bit of extra light in a really dim house.

And we bought really small (in size) furniture for the living room.  It works, but it's not very comfortable.  Still brainstorming ideas...

Off of the orange hallway there are 3 small bedrooms and a bathroom.
This is Nick and my bedroom.  We've yet to decide how to decorate it.  

Here's Nia's little place in the world.

And this is the room shared by Nico, Josiah, and Schneider.

Here's our only bathroom.  It's ugly, but big.  Still trying to figure out how to decorate.  And yes, we have a baby blue toilet and sink.  And, for the record, sharing a bathroom with 3 little boys is fairly disgusting.

This picture is just to show off the amazing ingenuity of Nick Mangine.  There was no shower curtain for the shower and no way to hang one because the shower took up a large corner chunk of the bathroom.  Nick made a PVC frame and attached it to the wall and hung a wire from the ceiling to hold the corner up.  (And yes, as you can see, the house has some disturbing cracks that were very small when we moved in that are now not-so-small.  Our landlord is decent so hopefully we can get that taken care of soon.)

There's a back door off a narrow hallway.  That's (obviously) where we hang helmets and beach stuff.  And where we put junk.  Having ZERO closets is making us be creative with space.

And that's it!  That's the grand tour.  I will pick another of the four houses to show you sometime in the future.


  1. Thanks, Gwen! Enjoyed the tour! I think you're doing a great job with such a small space!

  2. How do the other kids like the separation from your family? Has that presented any problems? I've seen your posts with everyone in one place--I know you spend lots of together time. Just wondering how it works out both ways....for your family, and, especially the other girls.


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