Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Our own little tropical paradise.

Our new place is simply amazing.  Specifically our yard.  Oh my word.  It is off the chain.  

You drive into the yard through this driveway (which is inside our gate).  There is a world of trees that greets you there forming a thick canopy under which you can stay dry for a few minutes after heavy rains start.  It's like being in a rain forest.

And then there are the gardens in front of each house. Beautiful, colorful plants, plants that we raise indoors in the US, grow over 10 feet high all over the yard.

And then there are the fruit trees.  Here's coconut. (Lots of those.)

Cocoa (Yes, folks, I have chocolate trees growing in my yard.)

Korosol.  (I don't know the English word for that one.)

Sour oranges. (Not currently in season.)



 Plantains (and bananas, too!)



More breadfruit than you can imagine.

And even more mangoes than that.

This place is a tropical paradise.  No, a tropical reality.  We are still working through a pretty long punch list of little problems that we need to address in the houses and we probably have a good, solid 1-2 days more worth of work to get everything unpacked, but we get closer every day to being totally moved in.  We all feel so at home here and so much more comfortable.

We love, love, love it here.


  1. How gorgeous!! What a beautiful place to live, congratulations :)

  2. Looks like just the perfect place. . .

  3. Kristol is your yard.

  4. Beautiful, Gwenn! Delurking from the east coast of Canada to ask what the variegated pink and green and pink and yellow bushes are called. We see them in the DR but no one has an English name for them.
    Love your blog and what you are doing in Haiti. If you partner with a Canadian group would you please let me know?
    Lori in PEI

    1. Lori,
      We partner with several but primarily Hungry for Life International,


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