Thursday, October 17, 2013

Kid of the Week - Manita!

We still need about 14 more child sponsors to be at full sponsorship and so I am just going to share one of the kids who still needs sponsors each week until we return to Haiti.  Maybe you will find yourself resonating with one of the kids and feel like they would be a good fit for your family.  

The first child I'm going to highlight is Manita, age 7.

Manita is now FULLY SPONSORED!!!!  Thank you!  

Here's some reading you can do to learn more about Manita through the years:

Below is Manita's most recent child sponsorship update sent out in August.

Manita just turned 7 a few weeks ago. She's still full of her little girl sassy spunk, and she constantly makes us laugh. She loves having visitors and quickly inserts herself into the scene when someone is visiting. She's got an excellent memory and despite the fact that we have lots of people in and out of our house, almost always remembers people when they return, even if it's been a long time since they've been there.

Manita and Josiah are best friends and arch enemies simultaneously. They both love to play the game SORRY, (or STARY as Manita calls it.) It would not be an exaggeration to say that they play the game a dozen times per day on non-school days. That inevitably means there are at least that many fights in a day, as both of them are very bad losers and like to hurl accusations of cheating when they don't win. Manita is physically very tough, but she can also be a very dramatic crybaby. She doesn't often cry when she gets hurts, but if she gets in a fight with someone or is disciplined, then it's a giant meltdown with full waterworks and wailing.

Manita loves being around Nick and I. When she is home from school she is almost always laying on the floor in the upstairs living room just hanging out. She'd prefer to be around Nick and I to nearly any other activity. All of the other kids beg to watch movies, but not Manita. She'd rather help me wash dishes in the kitchen than go watch a movie with the other kids.

This past year has been a good year for Manita in that we've been able to expand her involvement with her birthfamily. Manita's younger biological sister, Odessa, was adopted by an ex-pat friend of ours and lives a few miles away. They often get together to play. And Manita's birthmom sometimes comes over when she has garden vegetables to sell. Manita is always happy to see her. I remember a time a few months ago when her mother came with a basket full of potatoes to sell. I bought several and as Manita was helping Nick carry the potatoes upstairs she said, "It's really good that we bought potatoes from my mom, because she's poor and now she can have some money to buy things." And Nick crouched down and said, "Yes, that's good. But it's also good for us because we needed potatoes and now we have them. So it worked out for both of us." Manita beamed with pride at this thought. It was very heart-warming.

Like last year, Manita struggled in school. At the end of last year, she was just on the edge of passing and they advanced her from kindergarten to first grade, much to our frustration. This year we find ourselves in a similar position, however, they are not advancing her this time. That makes us happy. We really feel like another year of foundational principles will be good for her, and because she just turned seven, it's still very age appropriate for her to repeat a year. It is our goal for the next year that we are able to help Manita learn how to learn. We have a tutor that helps our kids with their lessons and homework, but we want to be more dedicated to teaching her study skills and how to be responsible for her learning.



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