Thursday, January 10, 2013

2% forested

We often hear how Haiti is terribly deforested, but I don't often think about what that means or what that looks like.  I recently read that only 2% of Haiti is still forested.  (As opposed to 60% in 1923.)

From Wikipedia: "The most direct effect of deforestation is soil erosion.[2] An estimated 15,000 acres (61 km2) of topsoil are washed away each year, with erosion also damaging other productive infrastructure such as dams, irrigation systems, roads, and coastal marine ecosystems.[3] Soil erosion also lowers the productivity of the land, worsens droughts, and eventually leads to desertification, all of which increase the pressure on the remaining land and trees.[2]"  

I have written before about the flooding we get with hurricanes (or even a good rain) and what that looks like.  But when we took an MAF flight to the states a couple of weeks ago we flew over Haiti at a low altitude and I was reminded what that statistic looks like from above.

Thought I'd share.