Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"Fun School" welcomes Nana!

My mom is currently winding her way through the mountains on her way here to see us.  We're looking forward to the visit.

Tuesdays are usually my day off, meaning Nick teaches the American kids school that day since I have Bible study in the mornings.  Today he was in Port to pick up my mom so my kids had a bit of a break followed by what I like to call "fun school."  That's where we only do fun projects and I don't worry about what I have written in the lesson plans.  We do things like melting crayons on rocks and painting seashells. (Basically, fun school is just arts and crafts that I want to try.)  But I digress.

Anyhow, one of our "fun school" projects today was decorating the chalkboard to welcome Nana.

Each of the kids got a section of the board to write Nana a welcome note.  I love what each of them wrote-- SO reflective of their personalities.

Nia wrote (in cursive, of course), "Dear Nana, Welcome!  I love you. Love, Nia."

Nico wrote, "October 2012, 23.  I love you Nana.  I baptized.  Happy birthday."

Josiah wrote, "Welcome Nana!  I love you.  Josiah.  Merry Christmas.  Happy Birthday.  Good night Nana! 10/23/2012).

"Fun school" is way more fun than regular school.  Just saying.