Saturday, November 19, 2011

the state of things.

Hey friends--

So as you've been hearing (if you follow Haiti happenings) there have been SEVERAL armed robberies of North Americans in Haiti since October 12 of this year.

Five of them have been in the Jacmel area, resulting in 2 people being shot, although no one was killed. There have also been 2 similar armed robberies of missions outside of Port Au Prince during this time.

We have taken many steps to ensure the safety of our family in Jacmel including several thousands of dollars of improvements to our home. We have greatly increased security personnel, and we have improved their ability to defend our family in the case of another attack.Without going into too many details, please be assured that we are taking every imaginable precaution.

Finally, on Sunday, Nick and I made the decision to for me to leave Haiti with Nia, Nico, and Josiah for a time. There were a lot of factors in this decision, but it mostly came down to the desire for our kids to be in a bit more of a secure environment while we asess the situation. We wish we could have taken all 12 children, but only 3 (Nia, Nico, and Josiah) have necessary paperwork to travel. Nick has stayed in Haiti with the other kids and our staff. This was also not an easy decision but during this time we felt that a parent needed to be on the ground with the kids who cannot travel.

The kids and I left Haiti last Monday and we've been staying with family members. The children have appointments next week to meet with child psychologists to asess how they are handling the trauma they have experiences. We do not know how long we will need to be apart.

Please help us pray that this reign of terror in Jacmel will end.
Please pray for healing for the people who have been traumatized.
Please pray for safety for our many, MANY loved ones on the ground in Jacmel now.
Please pray for the families that are separated as this situation is processed.
Please pray for the peace of God to reign in hearts in the place of fear.

... As always, we are SO thankful for your support.

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