Wednesday, July 6, 2011

wall of shame

So it doesn't take long for someone who lives here to spot someone here on a short-term team.

The person pictured in the middle of this picture is none other than yours truly, Gwenn Mangine, my first short-term trip to Haiti in 2005. (Yes, that was a thin phase for me... no need to point out how much huger I am these days like my kids did. Cause you know Haitians are really subtle and politically correct like that.)

I have all the stereotypes except the long missionary skirt (which I did wear earlier in that week.) The jungle hat, the messenger bag with several water bottles in it, the sensible hiking shoes. And underneath that jungle hat my hair is in cornrows (I am embarrassed to admit that.) We also wore matching t-shirts most of the time that had the words "CHRISTIAN SERVANT" across the front and a map of Haiti.

At least they weren't yellow.

So if you ever overhear me making fun of white people and their incredibly visible WHITE scalps in frizzy cornrows, know that I am making fun of the 2005 version of me as well.


  1. What's the deal with the corn rows? Seems pretty practical to me, with the heat and limited water for showers.

  2. Coming to Haiti with the understanding that I should avoid dressing like I'm an extra on the set of Indiana Jones. And dreadlocks and cornrows are def out. Good to know.


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