Sunday, July 31, 2011

Schneider has a middle name. It is...

... at the bottom of this note. (That was very American Idol-ish of me, wasn't it?)

First I thought I'd share this adorable pic of him in the bath this morning faux-hawking it up. Yes, I am aware that I am "that mother" who thinks everything her baby does is awesome... But in my case it's actually true.

Back to his name.

Believe it or not, we had a hard time choosing a middle name. I mean, what can you pick that goes with Schneider? A German name meaning "tailor" (as in, "one who makes clothing") for a little Haitian (to be Haitian-American) baby. We always said that if we adopted again we wouldn't change the name... We wish we hadn't with Nico. (Which is kind of a long story because we didn't actually legally change his name due to a few different reasons...) I mean yes, he's got our last name fair and square, but his birth name was Josue Michel and now he's Josue Michel Mangine. Which makes PERFECT sense since we call him Nico, eh? Especially troublesome when we go through immigration from Haiti to the US and the Border Control guy asks Nico his name and he says, "Nico... No, um, JOSUE MICHEL! My name is not Nico. It's Josue Michel. Not Nico." (Doesn't look suspicious at all.)

All that is to say, everyone knows Schneider as Schneider, and while I am not terribly fond of the name, it is his name and his name it will stay. He doesn't have a middle name on his birth certificate and his last name is very last name-y... So we didn't want to give him 3 last names and make him sound like a law firm.

Our first choice was the name Jonathan. This is my brother-in-law's name, and our pastor's name. (As well as my nephew's middle name.) All people we love dearly... But then we got weirded out because of John Schneider. (You know, Bo Duke.) I thought it would be weird to name him (albeit backwards) after my childhood crush. So we scratched it.

But then we couldn't find anything we liked more.

So we went back to it. I looked online and Jonathan means "gift of God." So perfect-- he truly is a gift of God. So weird Dukes of Hazzard affiliation or not, our little boy now has the name, "Schneider Jonathan Mangine." (Well, it's not legally that yet, but one day that is what it will be.)

Welcome to the family, SJ. Or as Gretchen wants us to call him, "Ti Bo." She might have something there, because I think the resemblance is uncanny...
Slap a blond wig on him and you'd probably not be able to tell them apart.


  1. Good choice, the name fits wonderfully of course. Sidebar; I would really love to know where the influence for Haitians bestowing Slavic or Germanic names on their children comes from.

  2. I'm laughing so hard! Love that Nico clarifies that his name isn't Nico- hilarious! So excited to meet you all!


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