Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Back to school supply drive!

Hey friends!

It's that time of year again-- planning for the kids to go back to school. Kids have been measured for uniforms and we will buy their books locally, but we need to fill in the gaps and we were hoping you would help us with that part!

Similar to what we did at Christmas, we set up a Target registry with the items our kids will need for school-- new shoes, socks, underwear, backpacks, etc.

Click on this link Joy in Hope (Mangine) Back to School!

There's a couple of ways to contribute in this drive.

1. If you live in the Triangle, NC and want to physically walk into a Target to purchase off the registry, Nick and I will be in the area at the beginning of August to visit our friends/family/supporters and we will make arrangements to collect the things from you.

2. If you do not live in NC, you can order online and have the items sent to the JiH address:
Joy In Hope
2731 NC Hwy 55 #251
Cary, NC 27519
(This address is also the shipping address listed on the registry.)

3. Giftcards for Target can be donated as well and hand delivered or mailed to the JiH office.

We ask that donated items be collected/shipped so that we may have everything in hand by August 7, 2011 to allow us time to assess what still needs to be purchased before returning to Haiti.

Thanks for participating... And repost if you feel so inclined!

That link one more time-- Joy in Hope (Mangine) Back to School!


  1. I ordered these items online this morning to be sent to Joy in Hope, I only see 1 taken off the registry and thought if it doesn't change you might want to update so you don't receive them twice.
    Items not yet shipped:
    Estimated delivery: Jul 20, 2011 to Jul 25, 2011 Cherokee Black Gevonna Opp Maryjane - 4.0
    Cherokee Black Gevonna Grl Mryjne - 1
    Cherokee Black Gevonna Grl Mryjne - 13
    Cherokee Black Gevonna Grl Mryjne - 5
    Items not yet shipped:
    Estimated delivery: Jul 20, 2011 to Jul 25, 2011 Girls' Circo® White 10 pk Bobby Socks M

  2. Wow! Kathy, thank you SO MUCH for your generosity! I updated the registry to reflect your purchases. THANK YOU!

    The more we can have donated, the less we have to buy ourselves.


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