Friday, July 8, 2011

all the single ladies.

Nick is in the states right now. My friend Tammi's husband, Jeff, is also in the states this week. (For an unrelated reason.)

So last week, Tammi and were all talking big about how we were gonna be single ladies and we were going to whoop it up, go out on the town, take the kids to the beach and just be crazy chicas with the hubsters gone.

She and I forgot to factor in the combined 16 children we have between the two of us. That doesn't really lead well to a "single lady" lifestyle. Tammi went to far as to say we could be accused of having "baggage."

In reality, this is what my life has looked like since Monday when Nick left:

I have been barfed (er, spit up) upon probably 2 dozen times. (Schneider's a spitter.) As I write this I am sitting here, un-showered (3rd day in a row with 0 showers), unshaven (at least a week with 0 shaves), with formula chunder all down my shirt (since at least 1PM.)

Yup. I am ROCKIN' it as a single lady.

****Update-- As of 7:20 PM I showered and shaved!!!****


  1. Is that you in the pic?? I thought it was a Haitian lady. If that's you, then girl you are DARK!

  2. I know. The main reason I have stayed married. How do you break it to a date that you have 18 kids. Only my true love and hubster was crazy enough to do this adventure with me. I remember that when I am mad at him


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