Thursday, March 18, 2010

Disconneted Bulletpoint Update--dated at this point

Wrote this two days ago and fell asleep before I posted it (that Ambien, it'll take you from wide awake to dead asleep in about 1.6 nanoseconds.)

From Thursday:
  • Been quite a day. Started out pretty well with a trip to the beach with the American kiddos while the Haitian kiddos were at school. Not fair I know, but hey, that's one of the perks of homeschooling. Here is a snap of each of the kids from the beach today...

  • After the beach and showers I took the kids out to buy some "sa pi bon" which are like Haitian pop ice. There's rumors that they don't use clean water in making them, so I didn't have one personally. Just fed them to my kids. Hey, I figure if they are going to get sick, I might as well not be sick too.
  • Hugues made some more shelves for our house today. Jean Louis helped him when he got home from school. For a 12 year old, Jean Louis is an incredibly hard worker and works well with his hands. This time it was bookshelves. I am now excited that tomorrow I will be able to unpack the THREE totes of books I packed up 11 months ago before moving here.

  • As the boys were finishing up with the shelves, I started to have kidney pain again. (I passed a kidney stone about a week ago. First time. No fun.) I had some pain yesterday too and it went away pretty quick but today it was persistent and getting worse. After a few hours I caved and took some hydrocodone. That helped. And it also afforded the children several hours of television watching. Which they loved. Sarah (my midwife friend) came over and tested my pee... was a little blood in it... Another kidney stone? Only time will tell.
  • Skyped with my mom for over an hour today. Was good to catch up. I would like to personally thank Mr. or Mrs. Skype or whoever came up with this free invention. It makes the life of a missionary so much easier.
  • Had a rough day of parenting with Jerry. Kid knows how to throw a tantrum. Hats off (once again) to all you single parents out there. I. do. not. know. how. you. do. it!
  • I hate it when I hear my words coming out of my kids mouths. Today I asked Nia to call Nico for lunch. She looks over the balcony, sees him doing something he shouldn't be doing and yells, "Nico, 2 things. First- stop doing that. Second- come up here for lunch." Could have been me. Exactly what I would have said and how I would have said it.
More important things tomorrow...

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