Thursday, January 14, 2010

"What can I do???"

I have gotten dozens (probably nearly 100) of emails from people who want to help. That's so awesome. We need your help...

But here's the situation--
right now the meeting of immediate needs (food, water, shelter, etc) are things that can only be done by Kreyol-speaking people. We have no where to host teams-- we don't have the time to host teams right now. We love that people are interested in coming to visit-- we want that. Our longer term dreams (still in their infancy) include a number of medical teams a number of rebuilding teams... lots of dreams. But for now there isn't A) a way to get into Haiti. Or B) a way to get from Port Au Prince to Jacmel. We don't know when either airport/charters will be running again.

The other main inquiry we're getting has to to with sending supplies. People want to help and we're so glad because we know a lot of people here that NEED help. The problem is there is no way to ship supplies to us. No way. Literally. Even before the earthquake we didn't have a good method for getting supplies here, now it's impossible. Additionally, the more supplies we can buy locally, the better of the local economy will be. Water, food, clothing, cement, concrete blocks-- we're supporting our neighbors when we buy from them... And frankly, our neighbors need all the help they can get right now!

What we need, (and what other organizations need unless they tell you otherwise), is funds to work in the community. Joy in Hope (the organization we work through) is a 501(c)3 non profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible.

You can donate here:

Or if you'd prefer-- donate to ANY other organization you trust doing work in Haiti. But I am going to level with you-- people need funds the most.


  1. Gwen, I live in Miami (your neighbor to the north). Everyone here - especially those in Little Haiti - and all over the U.S. are so worried. Our hearts are breaking and it's so frustrating that all we can do is say prayers and watch news coverage.

    I have donated to the Red Cross; I wanted to donate to your organization too, but the link you provided does not work. Please let us know how we can help!

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