Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Top 10 MUST HAVES if you're gonna move to Haiti-- #3

A supply of underwear 1-2 sizes smaller than you think you need.

Don't worry. No pics today. Your stomach is probably still unsettled from the foot picture.

Here's the deal-- hand washing WRECKS your clothes. It makes them grow. Which, in the states, I actually desired from time to time... what with all the McDonald's cheeseburgers and J&S pizza... *sigh*...

Here it's a different story. No McDonald's cheeseburgers. And you would cry if you saw what passed for "pizza" here. You WILL lose weight when you come to Haiti. You will. Even if you love the food, Haitian Happiness (an extremely virulent form of dysentery) WILL strike you. It might take you down 5 pounds, it might take you down 22 lbs (which happened to me a few months ago), it might take you down 60 pounds (which happened to Danny a few years ago.) Either way... Your clothes will grow, you will shrink.

You'll need smaller underpants.


  1. you crack me up the way you state things. sigh... how i miss haitian happiness! (not!) lol


    PS: If you can't tell, I love reading yours and Nia's blogs!

  2. YES!!!! this is so true. At Three Angels, my clothes were hand-washed by one of the haitian women. and my clothes, ESPECIALLY my underwear, always grew. it was quite annoying.


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