Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Top 10 MUST HAVES if you're gonna move to Haiti-- #4 (Gross photo warning)

Ped Egg (WITH replacement blades.)

I brought the Ped Egg down with me. No replacement blades. I wore through the first one in about 2 weeks.

A photo is worth a thousand words... this one is worth probably like 2 million.

I warned you it was gross.


  1. So I'll mail you the replacement blade to the Ped Egg I got in my Christmas stocking if I can...

  2. kristi, i am going down in three weeks, you can mail it to me. PO 474, manteo, nc 27954

  3. So we can add replacement blades to our list:-)

  4. Ew! ouch! Oh my goodness! That looks SO painful!

  5. Mom, also get her a tube or 5 of Heel Balm (you can get a generic CVS brand). The magic ingredient is "synthesized urea". Which sounds gross, but it IS syntheisized and it DOES work. In conjunction with the PedEgg.

  6. Almost as bad as mine, and I have nothing like Haiti for an excuse.


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