Thursday, September 17, 2009

Top 10 MUST HAVES if you are going to move to Haiti - #9

Keen Sandals.

Top 10 Must haves if you’re gonna move to Haiti-- #9 Keen Sandals

I should be paid by Keen sandals. With the possible exception of Zenni Optical, there is not a company I stand behind more vociferously. I love them with a burning, sizzling passion. They are the MOST FUNCTIONAL SHOES ever created. I like them because they are very sturdy, close-toed shoes, but they are also sandals. You can wear them in the winter with a pair of trendy socks (not that we have those here in Haiti—winter, not socks—but you MIGHT encounter winter on furloughs), or you could wear them in the summer over bare feet. They tighten with a quick slide of elastic. You can throw them in the washing machine (not that you have one here in Haiti) and de-stink them by setting them out in the sun. Which is good, especially here in Haiti, because you never know WHAT you're going to step in next.

Finally, after over three years of near-constant wear, I have about worn out a pair. The sole is wearing thin, the stitching is starting to pull apart on the side and the elastic is dry-rotting. I think I have earned a new pair. When you wait for an REI clearance, you can get them for about $65.00, and they are worth every penny. They would also be worth it even if you pay the regular price of about $100.

(With how quickly children’s feet grow, it’s yet to be seen if they are worth the money to buy them for the kids. But my in-laws got them for Nia and Nico, so they are definitely worth the money we spent! :)

They are really a dream come true. A definite MUST have in Haiti.


  1. Why is it that you have a random extra shoe there?

  2. I have never owned a pair... but Evie does, and I like them for her. (That kid has WAY cooler shoes/clothes than I do!)

  3. The REI garage sale is this weekend in Cary. I'll be out of town, but maybe you can rope someone into shopping for you?!


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