Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Top 10 MUST HAVES if you are going to move to Haiti - #10

10. Tupperware modulars

It's a definite must have. In addition to having a bit of a struggle with the humidity, Haiti boasts quite the record with insect infestations. Having all your dry goods in Tupperware modulars assures that your dry goods stay dry and unclumped, and that your insect infestations stay contained to the one infested container.

Such as, in this case, pitimi.

Then there's a couple other added bonuses. Because really, the whole "bug thing" can happen anywhere, even in the *gasp* SANITARY United States. It happened to me with pantry weevils in July of 2007. How do I know this random date off the top of my head, you may ask? Great question. I happen to remember it was the week Nico came home, and a VERY inopportune time to have our entire dry goods food supply ruined. That is when my love affair with Tupperware modulars began.

One supplementary bonus is that we have an EXTREMELY leaky roof. By EXTREMELY leaky, I mean we probably take on at least 10 gallons of water every time it rains. Like RIGHT on top of our cabinets. All our "modulared" food has stayed good.

Another bonus is there is a lizard problem in Jacmel. LOTS 'o lizards. So when you move one of your boxes of food and find that it squished and killed a lizard, you know your food is still safe and not exposed to squished lizard germs. Hypothetically.

So that's #10... Check back tomorrow for 9!


  1. Pretty nice information! Thank you very much!

  2. In Tanzania I put dried goods in the freezer for 2 days before putting them in my modulars. It killed the bug eggs and kept them from multiplying. I didn't mind eating bugs I couldn't see!

    Love you girl!

  3. It's one thing to squish a bug in your pantry, but a lizard? YUCK!

  4. Hi! We are moving to Pierre Payen (near St. Marc) in January, and I've been very much unsure of what will be important to bring/ship and what to leave behind. Tupperware is now on the list. Can't wait to hear the other 9 suggestions you have! Seriously, I'm taking notes.

  5. I have a method for keeping ants out, but it is a little complex. I have used the 'antser' ( with out cat food bowls with 100% success. For a cheaper fix, 'float' the Tupperware in an inch of soapy water. Or invert an cookie sheet in another larger one that is filled with water. If you do end up getting a dog, you might find yourself in need of this handy tool.


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