Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Surprise party!

So we're having a surprise party on Friday. Not as in we are throwing a party that will surprise someone, in that it's a surprise that we are having a party on Friday! While going through paperwork to get things set for child sponsorship with Fritzie, we discovered her birthday is NOT October 4th as we've been told (even by her)... it's SEPTEMBER 4th. As in Friday. Jeepers.

And oh, here's another surprise. She is not 13, almost 14. She is 14, almost 15.

And she hasn't completed 3rd grade, she's completed 2nd grade.

So... there you go. Haiti is never as it appears.

Regardless of all that-- isn't she lovely?

She got her hair re-done to do. Well, actually she is still getting her hair redone. We're about 4 hours into it... Maybe another 1/2 to 1 hour left. I love this pic!


  1. I love that pic, too! Have you been able to get a feel as to Fritzie's personality yet? I'd love to hear more about her (and see videos, too, if you can!)

  2. Are we able to sponsor your kids?

  3. Happy Birthday Fritzie and what a wonderful time to party.
    Betty DuBose


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