Sunday, September 6, 2009


This is one of those WAY TMI posts, but it was so funny I just couldn't keep it to myself.

So, as I've mentioned, our kids have all been sick. It's insane. Nia was trying to will herself better so she could go to the beach with the team today. Her two favorite things about Haiti are:
  • Teams visiting from the US
  • The beach
So, as you can imagine, going to the beach with a team is double fun for her. It's pretty much her dream come true. Well, her fever was down a little bit today (hovering between 100.4 and 102... so not really down THAT much). She REALLY wanted to go to the beach. And I was leaning towards letting her go. But then she started having some... hem... "intestinal" troubles. IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN...

I just kind of broke it to her as nice as I could. I explained very logically that we were heading to the beach and there would be no bathroom at the beach and so if she experiences and further... "troubles," we'd really be in a bad place for that to happen.

Nia, being the pensive, solution-minded child that she is, pondered this for a second. A little flicker of hope flashed across her eyes and she burst out with, "I've got it. Here's what we will do. I will still go to the beach but we can bring a bucket in case I need to have diarrhea."

Being the not-so-pensive, (though equally solution-minded,) mother that I am burst out with, "No. I love you and all, but I am not bringing a bucket with me to the beach for that purpose. No. Nope. None. Zero way that is happening. There will be other teams and there will be other beach days."

To which she gave me her extra lip-quivering whine, "But there won't be another beach day with THIS team!"

Which, of course, is correct. Call me a bad mom if you will. And while I feel the tiniest bit bad that she couldn't come along, I felt 100% certain I was not up for her "bucket" idea.

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  1. That is too funny. And she sure knows what to say! Hope they are all feeling better soon.


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