Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Need a name!

I think we're getting a dog. (A boy.)

We need a name! Any suggestions?

We're thinking maybe "Bigbsy."


  1. Jersey! (you know, big and mean)
    uhhh...let's see...I do like Bigsby, but maybe Phredd would be sad...maybe Fred Furman? I've always been partial to the corny name Diogee (D-O-G) for a dog.
    How about Strom the Second? Hopefully this dog won't bark at roosters. Or...air, like Strom the First does. :)

  2. I like Bigsby. Maybe Bigsby Furman, just to give a shout out... :)

    But if you're including ALL the favorite kids' musicians, you should probably consider Christopher Michael.

  3. We have Rottweilers and for a big dog, we like the name Kitty. It's always fun to call "Here kitty kitty kitty and have a Rottweiler bound to the door. Also like the name Bam Bam and Buehler. So now you know my wicked sense of humor. Good luck on coming up with a name that fits.

  4. Dudley or Rufus, sometimes you have to see them to know which name is best for them! I have a friend in Pignon that has a beagle and he eats chicken bones.


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