Thursday, September 3, 2009

A good dad

Man, y'all... Nick is a good dad.

Today Fritzie wanted some keneps from high, high up in the giant kenep tree, and lickity split-- he climbed the tree to get her some.

It's incredibly endearing to see him being a dad to Fritzie. And it's incredibly endearing to hear her call him, "Papi Nick." I honestly have all the emotions of being a new mom again. Weird huh?


  1. Happy Birthday Fritzie!
    Welcome to the Mangine family and welcome from everyone else that loves you around the world!

    Love from North Carolina!
    The Ecclestones

  2. I live vicarioiusly thru you and i love it. I feel the tingles too about thinking of Fritzie joining your family and it makes me smile.

  3. I'm proud of you, Nick. I probably can't say that, cause I am not your mom or anything. But I am.

  4. We tried keneps this summer for the first time even though we have been going to Haiti yearly since 2003. Definitely an interesting fruit. Some of our team members like them, some did not. They likened it to eating an eyeball. :)

    I love it that Fritzie is fitting so well into your home.

  5. Not weird Gweynn, just beautiful. THanks for sharing all these wonderful moments with us. Love from the Campbells and the Brunos


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