Friday, January 16, 2009

Shopping for Haiti

Another friend of mine with a home business graciously offered to do a fund-raising show for our move.

This time it's sterling silver jewelry.
This is REALLY, REALLY pretty stuff. There is a lifetime guarantee on all the jewelry. It is of the highest quality-- .925 sterling silver. Items are hand-crafted.

Here's the info:

Daisy R. Adkins Independent Representative

Daisy is giving 15% of each sale to the cause - and 20% of each order that is over $100.

Party is going to be open until: February 5
All orders will be submitted at once on that day.

You can also fill out a wish list and email it to Daisy who can email it to your sweetie... Valentine's Day is soon!

This company also offers gift certificates!

Daisy accepts cash, check, and credit cards. (Cash/check needs to be received in advance.)

Thanks Daisy!

And happy shopping... buy something nice for me while you're at it. (Just kidding.)

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  1. Hey Gwenn,

    For some reason, the link for my Silpada website is wrong. I must have copied it wrong or something (even though I copied and pasted...). When clicking on it from my blog and yours, it comes out wrong. Anyway, here is the correct link:

    I apologize!!!


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