Saturday, January 3, 2009

Resolution Check-in

How are you doing so far?

I am doing great on some, and not so great on others--

1. Nail-biting-- pretty good. I did catch myself one time yesterday, but immediately stopped.
2. Diet-- going well. So far so good. I need to incorporate exercise in the upcoming week-- but the eating part is going well.
3. Budget-- Sucking it up. I am going to start doing better today. After the REI garage sale. No really, I am.
4. Backseat driving-- I am improving. I am still not perfect, but I am seeing marked improvement. Here's my struggle. Nick is somewhat of a distracted driver at times. He gets to thinking about something and just forgets where he's going and misses turns. (Or occasionally stop signs/red lights.) I don't know if it qualifies as backseat driving to point these things out. I am trying to be less of a shrew. I think that would only stand to benefit our marriage.

And then I also resolved to go to bed earlier. It worked 50% of the time so far. :) So, I am further resolving to spend less time on the computer. Starting in two minutes. I am going to spend some time today thinking of healthy parameters. Those parameters include eliminating woot, sellout.woot, and dealnews from my daily rotations. It will help with the budget scenario as well.


  1. So far, so good. No nailbiting, diet going well...haven't really had a problem with the budget thing yet, because I have no money! lol
    I love my Motivated Moms organizer. Yesterday was a GREAT day for being organized.

  2. I am with you on the backseat driving thing - Hal was driving the other day - was looking at a house and almost drove up on a curb headed towards gas tanks at 60 mph -the road curved and he wasn't going to. I don't count "WATCH OUT!" as backseat driving at that point. I tried to watch the rest of the drive, but he would not see the lower speed limit signs as we drove thru the little towns between us and our destination - and there were cops pulling people over all over the place - so I "gently" let him know, after he went past them and didn't slow down. Mainly because we can't afford a 20+ over speeding ticket. It is so hard to not backseat drive when he, like Nick, is so distracted.

  3. I am the opposite of a backseat driver, in that I'm always the one people try to 'help'. I'm totally willing to admit I'm a flaky driver at best, and to make matters worse I'm pretty aggressive (especially when I'm trying to snag a parking spot before someone else gets there). That said, it is better for my marriage if I don't drive with my husband in the car (or if I do he has to sleep) so I very much appreciate your attempt to stop backseat driving. I wish my husband would stop! n.b. while I'm not the best driver I have yet to cause an accident, I just tend to tail gate unintentionally and I react a half second slower to brake lights than most other people. I also 'stop short' while walking. I have had total strangers reach out to stop me from crossing the road just as I stop dead at the corner. Sorry, looks like I got carried away with this comment and never answered the question that was asked.


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