Saturday, January 31, 2009

Our NON Walmart Registry

WALMART GIFT REGISTRY SLURPS. Seriously people. It was my preference to register at Walmart because I feel that a lot of times the prices are cheaper and they are in places where Target it not.

BUT... here's my story.

Nick and I walk into Walmart and wait in line at customer service for about 10 minutes. When we get to the front of the line, they tell us we have to go back to the jewelry counter to register. So we traipse back there. We find the kiosk and begin the process of entering our info. When we get to our zipcode, I enter it and it says, "Sorry, please enter a valid zipcode." And so I do, again. And I get the same error. So I walk over to the lady who's manning the jewelry counter, wait for her to finish up with her customer and then here was our conversation.

Hey, I am trying to register for some gifts and when I enter my address, it keeps coming back as my zipcode being invalid.

Oh, yeah, that happens sometimes. It must be a new zipcode. Just pick another one.

Um, they need the address to ship things to if people order online. I can't just pick a new one.

Well, if it's close enough-- like one number off or something, I am sure it will still get there.

Yeah, I don't know if that's a great idea. What I'd like to do is just enter my zipcode.

Well, if you're getting that error, there's no way to do it.

So what should I do?

Well, you can just enter in someone else's address and have things shipped there.

So, after a bit of debate, Nick and I decided that we could do this-- we'd just have things shipped to Nick's parents house, who live in Raleigh. That way the last names would match and we'd be all good even in the few weeks after we move.

So, hesitantly, we decide to do that.

We enter all the information and then print out the form we need to bring to the "just-enter-another-zipcode-in" salesgirl assuming she'd give us the gun to start scanning things. But, she didn't have it. She said it should be on the shelf on the kiosk. But it wasn't.

So she said, "People are probably out scanning with it now. You can just hang around here until they are done."

Now we felt like we were in a jam, because there were these theoretical "people" out there with the ONLY scanner. We had no idea if they really WERE out there, or if the scanner was just missing. And if they were out there, how much longer did they need with it. Were they almost done, or were they people going down to Haiti to start an orphanage with 147 things we needed to find and scan? (Hypothetically.)

So as we're trying to figure it out, Nick notices the sign on the kiosk (that we'd apparently missed up until this point) that lets us know that Walmart in-store gift registry kiosks were going to be discontinued as of February 13.


So short story VERY long. We didn't register at Walmart.

More on our Target adventure soon...


  1. geez, that's silly. by the way, it must be something with the apex area code. i tried to order something on the wal-mart website last week and it wouldn't let me place my order because it kept saying my zip code was wrong. HELLO!? you would think a company as big as wal-mart could at least get zip codes right. hooray target!

  2. Nice. I really like Walmart less and less as time goes on.

  3. Not surprised...I loathe Walmart. Sorry for the hassle.

  4. Unbelievable! I like Walmart, but sheesh! Do they have an online registry? Or are they discontinuing that too? Target does have theirs online, and I think you can both do the setup and shop for others' lists either online or in the store.


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