Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nice and "safe" here in the good ole' US...

So last night this happened right next to where we live. In fact, without knowing it, we were right there in the parking lot just moments after it happened. The road and part of our apartment complex were all caution-taped off... there were tons of police cars, firetrucks (used for barricades?) and ambulances (including Wake County's "Heavy Rescue" Ambulance.)

And it just gave me pause. Because we know a lot of people are concerned with our safety in Haiti. But yet, here's a fight that resulted in someone being shot just footsteps away from our home. And I was just very vividly reminded that no matter where we are-- God is sovereign. Our times are in His hands...

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  1. Its a strange world, mixed with sadness and hope.

    I will be in Greenboro next week - how far is that to your place?


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