Friday, January 16, 2009

Nia's new room

Having our family of five in a two bedroom apartment hasn't really been that difficult until lately. As Nia has been growing up, she's starting to need more privacy-- which, as the only little girl in the family, I respect.

But we were sort of scratching our heads as to how to move on that one. Because we're not moving until we move to Haiti. There's no way.

So we went back and forth as to how we could create her some of her "own" space and yet still live well in this apartment. Well, yesterday we created a "room" for her in our loft. It's not a room. Not even close. It's constructed out of baby gates draped with sheets. And she most often will not sleep in it at night because it's open to the living room below. (Although she did last night because she was so excited she couldn't stand it.)We threw an army cot in there and put some sheets on it. But it's a place for her to keep some of her stuff. And, more importantly, not have to be around her brothers. They are not allowed in. Ever. Even if she says so.

We still have *some* functional space (not a lot) in there for us-- plus, we put a small TV and their new V-smile up there outside of her room. (Because my kids are never, ever allowed to have a TV in their room-- even after I die. It's a rule. They can disobey if they choose. But I am pretty sure God will smote them-- Ephesians 6:1 baby!) *Sarcasm alert! Sarcasm alert!*

The best part about the room is the secret entrance. You have to crawl under the desk (which is covered by one of the sheets.) She thinks that's SO sneaky.

MAN I love kids! They are pretty easy to please.


  1. I love her room. And I am sure you are right about the tv thing.

  2. I love your new room Nia! We don't have tvs in our bedrooms either. Maybe that would be a good hot topic?

  3. and i was wondering where the entrance was. how neat!

    we don't allow tv in bedrooms either. NO WAY!! and i agree - good topic. i was actually going to say just tv (well, all media) in general and kids is a great topic!!

  4. Really good space! Cool entrance idea!


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