Monday, January 26, 2009

The Medical Risks (Dad's Perspective)

This one from Nick:

Gwenn did a great job responding to a question about our children's health in Haiti a few days ago. But as soon as I read it I knew I wanted to chime in as well. Gwenn and I have talked about this extensively. We've come to the same conclusions (we are moving to Haiti in 91 days, after all) but we come from different points of view--Gwenn calls my thoughts the "dad" point of view.

First, I have to concede that moving to a third world country with my family does increase their physical risk. As Gwenn pointed out, we've done everything we can to mitigate this, but it's a reality. Hospitals are further away, the medical care is not as good, and general sanitation is lacking. But Haiti is not the only risky place to raise kids, every culture has risks. Materialism, selfishness, arrogance, stress, greed, humanism, ignorance--these are the diseases of the United States, and they're pervasive. I am more afraid of my kids getting these diseases than I am of them getting sick or hurt.

In making decisions about my children, I have to remember what my goal is. I'm not trying to raise safe, healthy children. I'm trying to raise amazing adults. I believe that for us, Haiti is the best place to do that. I want Nia's empathy to be nurtured towards those who really need it. I want to Nico to know who he is, so that he can one day choose who he wants to be. And I want Josiah's aggressiveness and outgoing personality to be tempered by the servant leadership that will be on display all around him.

One more thing. I believe that God has called my family to Haiti. I know that may sound strange to many of you, but there are a lot of reasons why (here's one, I should be blogging about more). That being said, how could I possibly expect my children to follow God as they grow older, if I'm not willing to follow God right now. It's not always easy, it's not always safe, but it's the best life possible. That's what I want for me, Gwenn, Nia, Nico, and Josiah.


  1. N--
    I love being your wife.
    You're really smart.

    PLUS, you're handsome too. :)

  2. Amen! Great post Nick! Way to take us to a new level...

  3. And you know something else, the kids are learning to trust and have faith in their father no matter the circumstance, much like we are to have blind faith and trust in our Heavenly Father. I love that the Lord gave them such a wonderful earthly dad as an example :)

    ** Oh and Rock too!


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