Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A little "extra incentive" to attend the NA meeting

There's apparently a NA (Narcotics Anonymous) meeting that meets at the church where Jenny got married. After the wedding we when we were all all cleaning things up and getting our stuff all packed up I was back in the bride room getting changed back into my regular clothes. Trying to be modest since there were other girls in the room too, I went over into a corner and started disrobing facing the wall.

When I was *ahem* totally disrobed from the waist up, someone yells at me-- "Gwenn, there's a meeting going on in that room!" Only then did I notice that there was in fact a door in the corner of the room where I was changing. And that door had the top half that was a window. I thought it was a closet. But it was not. It was connected to another room. And in the room it connected to, there was a NA meeting going on. As in, right then.

Well, needless to say, red with embarrassment I dove down (and then about puked). Once I was fully dressed, I peeked back in the window and noticed that while I could TECHNICALLY see people in the room, the view was mostly obstructed by a whiteboard in front of the door.

So... here's to hoping that no one was looking. I am not sure which way the view would have encouraged them to go...


  1. That was the funniest moment of the day. Well, that, and when Melody hit you with her flowers for misbehaving during the ceremony.

  2. OMG!!! I nearly peed my pants reading that!!

  3. Do they also have a meeting for women struggling to stop their need for public exposure?? I was lauging so hard, my daughter thought something was wrong with me. That is hilarious, and thanks for sharing it.


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