Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's a done deal.

Beautiful sweet little Jenny is a married lady.

The wedding was beautiful. (Of course-- cause when is a wedding NOT?) My dress was suffocatingly tight. I was unbelievably miserable the entire time I was wearing it. BUT, that is OK because it was only $40 brand new at the David's Bridal online outlet. And it is also okay because it helped me not eat too much-- since I am on a diet and all. I *might* have accidentally stuck my tongue in one of the chocolate fountains after the reception though.

Nico was pretty much the MOST adorable ring bearer anyone has ever seen. Or should I say pillow-bearer, cause you know, ring bearers don't actually carry rings anymore. So it's kind of silly. And it makes everyone want to take those weirdo baby "art" photos with the flower girl and ring bearer pretending to be the bride and groom. Very "Angela" if I don't say so myself. But nonetheless, seriously cute.

While I am on the topic, my niece Abbie was the flower girl and she was cuter than a speckled pup. We were all crossing our fingers because she puked all night last night. Made it through the entire service and reception with NO vomit. Way to go Abbie! The absence of vomit is always a good feature in a flower girl.

I will share pictures tomorrow if I can... I don't have my computer with me at my sister's computer doesn't seem to have a card reader.

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  1. They should let the ring bearer carry the rings! It adds an additional element of excitement to the whole process. My favorite memory of my college roommates wedding was when the ring bearer tossed the rings into the air..floor..look for the rings....etc when he got bored with the mass :-)



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