Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Haitian Spaghetti Recipe

So I might have posted this before.

But since I have a lot of "Haiti lovers" that grace my page, I thought I would do you a giant favor and post this link. This is a recipe for Haitian spaghetti. It's a very common Haitian dish and eaten by pretty much every class of people. (Served sometimes for breakfast, and many times with extra ketchup-- Haitians like sweet food.)

A lot of times it has thin strips of ham or small cut up pieces of hotdog in it. And sometimes I have seen it with fresh diced tomatoes in it (it's served that way at the Cyvadier Plage-- which I discovered on my last trip is my favorite Haitian restaurant so far (not that I have eaten at that many). And just FYI-- once we get our home built on the land in Raymond, I AM tiling my floor like them.)

It's easy to make and a ridiculously cheap meal. We all love it. Plus, as the mother of a Haitian child, I love having a Haitian meal in our regular "rotation."

And BONUS: Nick Mangine is the Haitian spaghetti chef-- so I also get a night off cooking!

So check it out!
(PS-- it's my husband's blog-- so nepotism maybe... but a dang good recipe.)


  1. So I asked Nick if he's like to have Haitian Spaghetti sometime and he said, "I don't think so." Maybe once you're there again I can convince him to try it in your honour! hehe

  2. I think you'd NEVER know there was ketchup in it unless you were told.

    It does not taste like ketchup.

  3. Ya' know, one of my oldest child's clearest memories of his birth mother was her making spaghetti with hot dogs cut up in it.

    I never knew about the ketchup, though. I am soooooo going to surprise him!!!

  4. I am TOTALLY going to try this

  5. I didn't know there was an actual recipe for this! My son had spaghetti with cut up hotdogs every morning for breakfast when he was first here. For months I made pasta every morning. But he would just eat plain old spaghetti with hotdogs and ketchup.


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