Monday, January 26, 2009

Gretchen and my mom

are my life-savers.

Whenever I need to get something done or go somewhere-- they ALWAYS take my kids.

Like, often. Probably four times a year or maybe even more. Like overnight, for, like, a week.

They just "work it out" between them. Even though it means my sister has 6 kids to deal with. And her husband works nights.

This week they are visiting them for a few days so I can get some stuff done around here for the move.

We are so indebted to them for the part they've played in our Haiti stuff... we could NOT have done what we're doing without them, and we could NOT do what we're doing without them. I am thankful that they will do this "behind the scenes" stuff so we can do the sexy work.


  1. "Sexy work", hmmm? Let's see...malaria, giardia, voodoo witch doctors...yeah, that's sexy right THERE! In actuality, it's ME who gets the sexy work. Like, when I take all six kids out somewhere, people point and stare and say/think, "Wow, that woman has a LOT of kids. She must have a LOT of sex."
    See how that works?

  2. actually you don't get it! i'm the one who GETS to have the kids! you are a good sharer! i'm excited about them coming!got the benadryl in my purse..(for the egg allergy you guys!! i wouldn't drug my grandchildren)


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