Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gray hair.

I am getting some.

Nick says he doesn't want me to dye it. I don't think he really understands how quickly they are cropping up.

I have mixed feelings. I DO think gray hair can be really pretty and I love it when women embrace the aging process. BUT... am I ready for that? I am only 31.

Do I really believe that gray hair is a "crown of splendor" and "attained by a righteous life" as the Bible says?

Or do I think it's for women older than me?

Hmmm.... I guess this goes back to my whole "women over 30 are beautiful" post. So-- guess it's time to put my money where my mouth is.


  1. I remember my first gray hair. My mom had gone away and left me with my dad and brother, who did not get along - and when she came back, I pulled out my single gray hair, handed it to her, and said - You did this to me - she then pointed to her gray head and asked if I wanted to shave off my quarter. I chose not to. I have embraced all my gray hairs since then - they are a badge of survival.

  2. i've decided that once i colored my hair because it was gray (as opposed to coloring it just for a new look) the grays ordered a coup and took over completely monthly coloring has ensued. Only to say that I suggest you either embrace your few or color it forever because I'm certain they multiply once they know you're after them : )

  3. I have loads of them. and sometimes dye them. and would be more than willing to help you dye yours! :)

  4. only dye them when your friends or your kids force you to. and then don't use a permanent dye. your hair it way to pretty to mess with.

  5. oh yes, i get my hair colored to cover the gray - and i am not even in the 30something club yet!! :( it's a lovely gift passed down to me from the women in my family.

  6. You know, I believe the Bible is Truth. However, I guess I let the culture get me too. I had my first gray hair at 12. I'm still not ready to be in the gray hair club yet. I don't color mine until I see them shining at me in the mirror- then I have to do something. And I think it'd be ok to go gray someday- but not just in spots. I hope I can be like my granny and have beautiful white hair everywhere when I'm old enough- not now. Anyway, I support you with whatever you decide! But I will say that it's harder to hide it with darker hair.

  7. hair color/dye is God's gift to us.
    Period. End of Story.
    Being the control freak that I am, I am planning on going grey in my 50s. No sooner.

    My stretch marks are a badge of honor/survival too...but I DO NOT PLAN ON SHOWING THEM OFF!!!

  8. Gray hair is the new black!


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