Sunday, January 4, 2009

Computer Vacation

Hey guys--

I am going to be taking a break from the internet and all things computer on Monday and Tuesday. I am not doing a good job "being present" (as Jonathan would say) with my family and am seeing if a little computer break would help.

So, all this is to say-- hot topic Tuesday will be postponed. Possibly Thursday. More likely NEXT Tuesday. We'll see. Sorry. I know you are all MAD disappointed. But life is disappointing at times, now isn't it?

In the meantime, here are a few pics, and a bit o' commentary for your enjoyment.


Josiah's new trick is forward rolls. He's got them down. Here he is using a pillow for some added comfort.

The morning after campout-- Nia snuggled up in bed (couch) with Nick. I love their father/daughter relationship. It's very sweet.

Nico got his first "at the salon" haircut. Here he is at Snippets. (Or as Nia likes to call it, "Snipples.") Had kind of a weird experience here, I wanted someone black to cut his hair because I felt like they have more experience dealing with highly textured hair like he has. But I still felt weird saying, "We prefer his hair be cut by a black stylist if possible." But I felt racist asking for the black lady to cut it. Is that weird? I don't know why-- but it was the first time I've had to make/voice a decision based on race. Just when you think you have it all figured out...

Josiah was up for SEVERAL hours last night. Finally I just went down and slept with him on the couch. Nick took some pictures of us before we woke up. The blinding light of the flash interrupting my sleep gave me a glimplse of how little newly born babies must feel with all the flashes of cameras. Looks "comfy," huh? It was not.

Took this snap the eldest and youngest Mangine boys-- it's ridiculous to me how much they look alike.

I used my MAD photo-editing skills in this one, as you can see... The kids were all dancing around to Bigsby and all of a sudden Josiah kept pulling his diaper down halfway and dancing with his coinslot hanging out.

See you Wednesday or Thursday-ish...


  1. Nice Photoshop job.
    Jon says you should start calling J-man "Jo-cry-ah" and see if it shames him out of the fuss. Hey, it worked for Crabigaile...I mean Abigaile. (just kidding. kind of. but Jocryah is funny to me.)
    Look for a post about superheros when you get back.

  2. I love the pics!!! Can't wait to see you guys!


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