Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Busy and Fun-filled day awaits!

I am looking forward to pretty much every aspect of today.

First, we have a meeting at Crosspointe with Pam to talk more about Haiti stuff. Which is something I love. Then I have a lunch meeting. Then Kris is coming over to help me think through my kitchen. Then Nick and I are going to Target and Walmart to register.

"Wait, what? Register? For WHAT?" you may be asking.

Good question. Thanks for asking. We have a bunch of supplies that we need to gather before we can start taking children into our home in Haiti-- think sheets, towels, pillows, plates, etc. Remember, we're going to have 20 additional kids living in our house AND 4/5 nannies living there too. That's a lot of people. That's a lot of sheets. And other stuff too.

So-- since so many people have asked how they can help, and what do we need, we decided registering for items would be a good way to streamline the process.

I will post our registry info once it's up!

And then, finally, tonight is the Office. Woot. Woot.
How much more excitement could a girl get?

PS-- Just as an aside-- it's 8:10AM and Nick Mangine is still sleeping. I honestly cannot remember the last time he slept that late. He's a 4AM kind of guy.


  1. did you put a mirror under his nose?
    btw..did you get that gift card from Missy. she told me that God told her to send it to you. i think it was for target :)

  2. yes I did! I just sent her a thank you note yesterday!


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