Tuesday, January 20, 2009

As if I needed more drama in my life...

... apparently Josiah has another allergy. (These pictures don't really show the magnitude of the reaction. It was ANGRY red.)

Tonight it just cropped up all over his body suddenly while he was in the bath with me. Nick thinks it's the Aveeno foaming bath I was using, but I am NEARLY 100% certain he's used that before.

I think it was mushrooms as we had them on the pizza we made tonight. But then again, I'm nearly 99% sure he's had them before.

It freaked me out a little. I still feel a bit jacked up from it. Allergies kind of scare me these days.

Thank you God for keeping Josiah safe, and thank you for Benadryl.


  1. Looks like what Lucie had that docs called eczema. It flaired up mainly during cold weather, alot of times after baths. I used Eucerin to help. She's pretty much grown out of it. BTW, do you have pics of the snow? In the 4 years we lived there I think we got 1 inch. NOT FAIR!
    Hope it helps,
    Cardyne Nettles

  2. Hey Gwenn,

    I know where you are coming from, my dear.

    Will has broken out hives so many times. First the tree nuts (full anaphalxis - frightening!), twice from omnicef the antibiotic (did not realize that was the culprit the first time), then from some random virus (how nice, didn't know that could happen) and just two weeks ago from yet another antibiotic.

    Thinking about taking him back to the allergist to do another scratch test panel but odds are he is allergic to penicillin too.

    The whole thing has made me into a nervous wreck. I am constantly thinking, "what next." The kid scratches his heiny and I strip him down and start checking him all over for hives. Scott is afraid I am going to be trigger happy with the Epipen one of these days. And Will has had so much benedryl in his short 3 years that I swear he thinks it is just part of his diet. The other night he told me, "mommy I need my cherry drink" - holy cow.

    I am glad that Josiah is under control with the cherry drink. I am thinking we now need to add a Benedryl fund to keep you in supply in Haiti :)

    Hang in there and I do hope these go away quickly.

  3. oh poor josiah!! :(

    that would definitely be scary. i hope you can figure out what it is!!

  4. My body likes to develop new reactions to old things. It totally slurps.

    My youngest has battled food allergies. When she was around age two, she would get the random hives. One time we let her hold/suck on a lemon wedge at a restaurant, and her hands broke out in hives.

    RANDOM! Never happened before. Has never happened since.

    The random hives thing diminished. Praying the same for you guys.

  5. I'm sorry! I can understand how scary that is and how you want to get all the glitches fixed before you move to Haiti. Praying for you!

  6. Christine--
    Literally laughing out loud.
    I am totally stealing that.

  7. Hey I dont know if you remember me, we met at Nicks High School Reunion. My Daughter also has an Egg allergy. She does get Eczema as well, that is what it looks like.. I use Eucerine after every bath. I use Califonia baby organic baby wash or Dove beauty bar, as soon as she is out of the bath I lube her up with Eucerine. She does occasionally have a reaction like that but since the Dove and Eucerine combo I havent had a bad one only one patch here or there. I also stopped using anything scented, like laundry Soap, I only use free and Clear. And I dont use fabric softener. The allergist says that Food allergies and Eczema go hand in hand.

  8. HOLY COW! that would scare the daylights out of me too!!

    Poor guy! ;(

  9. Are you not concerned that with a major heart defect and severe allergies that a move to a third world country could be dangerous for your son?

  10. Poor guy. Is he too young for allergy testing?


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