Monday, January 12, 2009

All the noise and the quote of the day

Lately I have had so much "noise" in my life that I can't really think straight.

I am overwhelmed with kids and schooling and housework and support-raising... it's just pretty much the most exhausting time in my life. And there have been areas of my life where I've just sort of thrown up my hands and decided to let it go...

I was recently convicted that I profess to be a follower and lover of Jesus, yet in my alone times-- when the kids are sleeping or otherwise self-amused, I've been very little to build this relationship. Instead I check my facebook or read blogs or or watch hulu or youtube...

A few weeks ago I was working with Kelsey Stoner on one of her college essays. The topic something like this-- "Name one of the biggest challenges facing your generation and what you are doing about it." She talked about the whole "faux community" created by the internet. Now, before I get a bunch of negative feedback, I do understand that "real" community CAN be built via technology. BUT... I think more often, technology has a tendency to isolate us and actually discourages ACTUAL meaningful interaction, necessary for our growth.

I am a total extrovert. Being home with my kids everyday is HARD. I miss talking to peole with whom I can have meangingful conversations. (Not that my kids quick quips don't make me laugh every now and then.) But I think I have mistaken these various internet communities for REAL community.

I remember a long time ago my pastor Jonathan mentioned this principle in a message, "You can only love someone to the extent you know them." It's SO true!

So-- it's all about choices. Who do we want to know? I mean REALLY know. Do we want to know a little about all these people we follow on blogs and facebook? Do we want to like them and love them a little-- or do we want to really experience community? Do we want to love and love others well? That's what I want. And so I guess that means I am going to have to decrease my technology time in exchange for some good old fashioned relational time. First and foremost, with this God I profess to follow, and then my husband, and then my kids, and then my best friends... And then if I have any time left over-- well, that's when I can check in on my internet community. (And I just in case you were wondering-- I AM NOT GIVING UP MY BLOG! I don't care if you all stop reading it so you can spend some better time with your families/friends, etc... This is just an outlet for me to chronicle my life-- so whether I have 100 readers, or 10 readers, or 1, or 0-- I am still going to keep on keepin' on with the ole' blog.)

I am sort of changing gears here, but this morning I was attempting to do just that-- to spend some time learning more about this God who created me and how I can walk with Him...

And I came across this quote that was so fantastic I just has to share:

"This is the balance of surrendering to God. We allow God to do what we cannot do, but we do what we can." -- Stephen Arterburn

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