Friday, August 24, 2007

My "drinkin'" baby

I have another funny story--

Yesterday I made the agonizingly difficult decision that I am going to begin to wean Josiah over to formula. I am still going to breastfeed, but I am going to work towards stopping the pumping and supplement with formula. I am very tired of the pumping business and now that he's 12 weeks I wanted to begin the process. I am going to do it slowly and gradually, but I am ready to start. So I gave Josiah a bottle of formula and Nia asked what I was giving him. I told her it was formula.

Later on she told Nick, "Dad did you know mommy gave Josiah a bottle and it didn't have breastmilk in it? She gave him a bottle of alcohol."


For whatever reason, Nia has the words "alcohol" and "formula" confused with each other. She did it another 2-3 times later on in the evening as well.

Josiah had a well-baby appointment yesterday-- 13lbs, 4 oz. (90th percentile for weight) 25' (97th percentile for height) Pretty awesome, huh?

Here are some pics of all the kiddos!

I call this one "Ebony and Ivory" :) -- seriously though, could Nia BE and whiter??? She literally glows. I swear we DO play outside.

The two "big kids"-- No, Nia's not a giant, Nico's just a midget, (sorry-- "little person.")

J-man showing us his stellar head control! You go big boy.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cardiology update

Hey all--

No new pics today, just a quick update and then a quick funny story...

Josiah had a cardiology appointment today. Everything is great-- perfect as can be. Still a little murmur and a little hole, but that's totally expected and will almost definitely self-repair. He's doing very well and is a happy, cute baby. (and a good night sleeper-- thank you Jesus!)

Okay, here's my funny story--
Today was rare in that Josiah seemed like he was interested in taking an afternoon nap (he almost never does!) I put him in the bassinet and ran a hot bath thinking I could have a few minutes of relaxation with ALL THREE KIDS SLEEPING!!! Sure enough as soon as I was dipping my feet in I hear "Waahhhh!" from the bassinet. I didn't want to give up my bath time so I let a little hot out, put a little cold in, undressed Josiah and we both got in the tub. About 30 seconds (literally) into the bath I hear a creak from the hallway as the door to the kids' room opens. Nia comes in the bathroom and asks if she could get in the bathtub too. I told her no, but she kept asking and I didn't want her to have a tantrum and wake Nico, so I said fine. She undresses and goes potty while I let out a little more water so that it's not too deep and she climbs in the tub. At this point we hear the door creak once more (yup) and Nico comes into the bathroom. He woke up and didn't want to be left out of the bath time fun... How could I say no to him when his brother and sister were already in there? So I let a little MORE water out and add some more cold (since he only likes tepid baths!) and let him come in. I am sure we were a sight. Four people in a small bathtub. (This was just the regular old hallway bathtub, not the big garden tub.) It was crowded, but we did it. We washed everyone's hair and bodies then Josiah and I left the tub, and then Nico and then me. Once we all left the tub there was only about 4 inches of water (pretty dirty water) left in the tub. Even though it would have been entirely inappropriate, it was one of those times you just wish you had your camera ready. Oh well. It was better than the bath time yesterday when Nico pooped in the tub. sigh.

gotta go to bed... it's LATE!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's been a while--

The past week has been long and stressful, but not due to children. About a week and a half ago we learned that my Grandmother was in her final days of life. We traveled up to NY sort of last minute, and I had the honor of spending time with her in her last hours and minutes of life. I expected it to be creepy and unsettling, but the truth is that it was one of the most intimate, beautiful and peaceful things I have ever experienced. Without any pain or trauma, my grandmother breathed her last breaths and closed her eyes and went to heaven where she now lives what I believe.

See some pics of our trip and kids here:

We had all sorts of drama on our flight home-- it's way to long to get into tonight, but we ended up driving the rest of the way home (from Baltimore) as there were all SORTS of problems. Nick and I were up all night and the kids didn't fall asleep until 1AM... it was kind of stressful.

Nico had his first day in the toddler room at church today-- and so did I! I am working in his classroom for a while, at least until he feels comfortable. He did well.

Many of you have been asking about his tests-- everything has come back clean... he's totally healthy. We've gotten rid of the skin problem-- we don't know for sure that it was scabies, but we are suspecting it was since Nick got them too! :) After he was treated for parasites his belly situation has improved and he's just a typical kid now.

Josiah continues to grow and thrive... he's a happy baby and a good night sleeper, but not a good napper during the day. He and I get our "good time" together while the others are napping. I am trying to look at it in a positive light so I don't get frustrated that I don't get any down time.

Nia is becoming more and more of a grown up young lady every day. She's gearing up to be the flower girl for "uncle" Scott's wedding... she's very excited. She starts preschool next week-- how did that happen?!?!

Nick's busy trying to balance the demands of work and family-- it isn't easy for him but he's working very, very hard as he strives to be an excellent husband, father and employee. He was very supportive during this time where were up in NY with my grandmother.

All in all, things are good. I know I sort of gripe on here all the time about being so busy. I don't mean for things to come off negative-- in reality we are so very blessed. We are all healthy, we have an amazing family, awesome friends, a church we totally love, and our work in Haiti at the Haitian Children's Home which is what we believe we were put on this earth to do. Who could ask for more?

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

a moment of quiet?

Theoretically all the kids are sleeping now. Nick came home for lunch so I could go out and have some quiet time for an hour. He called me about 5 minutes before I was due back home and said that the kids were all sleeping, so I could stay out longer if I wanted to as he could work while they were sleeping. (um, if I WANTED TO????) :)

So I call him a half an hour later to tell him I am on my way home and I hear the baby in the background. I said, "The baby is awake?" and he said "yes, actually I think they all are." Then he said this-- "I am actually glad I told you to stay out some extra time because I have gotten to experience your everyday life over the past 30 minutes. As soon as I hung up the phone the baby started crying and I hear Nia say on the monitor 'Nico, grab on and climb up... Nico, grab on and climb up... NICO, GRAB ON AND CLIMB UP!' So I figured I had better check that one out. So I do, while feeding the baby. And they are both up on Nia's top bunk just squealing and smiling. So I took care of that and then I went back to feeding the baby... and then you called."

Anyway-- I am kind of glad it didn't go perfect, or he would think I am lying when he comes home everyday and I am exhausted and overwhelmed. So, the kids are NOW theoretically all sleeping... and after I pump (of course) I am going to *try* to catch a 20 minute power nap... we'll see how that all works out.

BTW-- Jenny came for a visit... here are some pics:
(Oh, and there's also a pic of Nico's new favorite mode of transport-- riding a modified piggyback style with his feet hooked into Nick's belt-- pretty cute...)

Sunday, August 5, 2007

what are you doing when you are watching???

Have you ever seen the ellen show? They have this segment, "what are you doing while you are watching?" And you send in pictures of something amusing happening while you are watching the ellen show in the background... check this picture out-- (btw-- TOTALLY unprompted... I was about to pump and had to leave the room for a second, came back and Nico had taken off his shirt and was doing this...)

We had a good weekend-- I love it when Nick is home and can help with the mayhem. Yesterday I went to Target to "grocery shop" (actually I was grocery shopping...) and I called Nick a few times to check in and was encouraged that when I call him he's also trying to carry on a conversation with each of the kids just like I do when I call him during the week. I was afraid that he was a better mom than I am. (He actually may be.)

I posted some new pics and videos here:

I love the last one with Nick playing rough with the kids-- it DID actually end in tears, though no emergency room visit as I had predicted. I am trying to learn to just relax and not be too uptight about rough play-- with 2 boys I had better get used to it. I am one of 3 girls, so scratching and biting is about as rough as it got.

All of Nico's bloodwork came back-- it's all great... no surprises. He did start having a little diarrhea a few days ago again so I called the dr. to see what he thought. His original "tummy tests" (I'll just call them that :) came back a little questionable, so he prescribed a medicine for him and is doing some cultures. It's kind of a pain because the dr. is about 35 minutes away, so every time we have to bring in a "sample" it's a long trip. But it's been nice because Nick has worked from home while the big kids are napping and I just took Josiah with me and had an hour and a half of quiet. It's pretty bad when you start secretly hoping that you have to collect another stool sample in order to get some peace and quiet.

Oh, one thing I wanted to mention-- the potty training thing was NOT a fluke. Nico tells us when he has to pee and then waits for us to bring him. (probably happens a dozen times a day...) He's been dry for the most part during the days except for nap... pretty crazy huh? Grandpa and Grandma made a custom pee pee stool for him since he insists on standing. It's funny, because I have my hands full either nursing, pumping, or bottle feeding for much of the day, I am actually not all that excited about potty training. I thought we would have a lot more time until we'd have to deal with it. But, oh well. Might as well get while the getting is good.

Alrighty... gotta go help get the kiddos ready for bed.

Saturday, August 4, 2007


Having three kids is a lot of work. Especially when you get two new ones at once. We are literally always busy. It's good, but we are tired a lot.

Last night was "camp out," a family tradition we started several months ago. Every Friday night we have camp out and we all sleep in the same room. We don't do anything fun and we have lots of rules, which Nia will rattle off---
-no talking
-no singing
-no whispering
-no laughing
-no making any noise
-no standing
-no sitting
-no kneeling
-no kicking your feet all around
-no touching anything

Here is what you CAN do during camp out--
-Lie quietly in your bed and go to sleep.
OR, if you can't get to sleep--
-Lie still (quietly) until morning

Sounds like fun, huh? Nia thinks it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. And I have to admit, it IS kind of fun... especially because the rules don't apply to Nick and I, which does incidentally irritate Nia to no end...

Want to say more but I am too tired...

OH! One exciting thing real quick-- we are going to Haiti! We are going down to the orphanage that Nick and I work with ( at the end of October-- and all our billion kids are coming too... woo hoo.