Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Then and now

I was taking some pics of Nico today (yes, he's on the potty-- sorry, I had to have a few blackmail pics for later.) Then I was comparing them with when he first came home. It will be 5 months ago tomorrow, which is unreal to me... it feels like just yesterday in some respects, where in others I feel like we've just always had him...

Anyway, here's then:

And here's now:

Doesn't he look plumper and healthier?


  1. OK, in the 2nd pic he totally looks like Turk from "Scrubs".
    Soooo stinkin'cute!(Nico, not Turk, although he's cute, too :))

  2. What a luv!! I won't be able to say this much longer without Nick or Nico correcting me, but he is such a pretty boy:-)

  3. I think he looks whiter.....


    or maybe cleaner?!?!

    Definetely, healthier and cuter!


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