Sunday, December 30, 2007

Rub a dub dub

4 cousins in a tub!
My nephew, Micah, is visiting. He's just a few weeks younger than Nia and so they are great playmates. I have made an important realization-- 4 kids really isn't any more work than three. (I guess if you're in for a little, you're in for a lot. :)

Okay, Micah is stinkin' adorable. He keeps cracking me up. My favorite thing he said so far was this following conversation we had while walking into Target last night.

Micah: Auntie Gwenn, where are we?
Gwenn: We're at Target.
Micah: I recognize this place, we have one in my country too.

(He lives in North Carolina by the way, so not even a different state much less country.)


  1. What a sweet picture (I like the way that the foam letter is strategically covering up Josiah's little tinkler...:) and I literally laughed out loud reading the conversation with Micah. I am glad that you guys are having a good time.

  2. PS...

    I love Micah's expression in this photo... and I also like the brownish-grayish tint of the water... :)

  3. PS 2- The realization that 4 kids is not harder than three is a good one. Now maybe Nia can finally have that sister she's been wanting!


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