Saturday, December 22, 2007

Relational Giving

In our family and church community this year we are really trying to avoid a lot of the "traps" of the holidays. We're trying to focus more on giving of ourselves relationally rather than just giving gifts for the sake of giving gifts.

In that light, our family went to a really great party last night at our friend's Deena and Jason's house. Many of our close friends were there and it was a time to just focus on friendship, have a great meal, and not have the pressure of gifts.

All was going well-- the Karaoke competition was getting heated when Nia started freaking out. This is very unlike her. She just was screaming, "Mommy, I need my mommy. I am tired. I want to go home!" We get outside and she says, "Mommy I am going to throw up." (Which she proceeded to do.) She got in the car and was literally screaming "Owwww. It hurts. My head hurts. It hurts everywhere." This went on for several minutes until she just all of a sudden fell asleep in the car. Like seriously, it was awake and screaming one moment and dead asleep the next. While sleeping she was moaning and groaning in her sleep.

We got home and carried her in. I took her temperature and it it was 103. She's barely able to stand and was just moaning. I tried to just keep her awake for a few minutes so I could ask her a few questions, but I couldn't keep her awake. It was like she was drugged. I was kind of concerned because I have never seen her act that sick. And certainly never that quickly. She seemed fine only moments before all this started. I called the dr. and he told us to bring her in in the morning. I slept with her last night and she just moaned all night long in her sleep. So Nick is at the dr. with her now... hmmm.

So, I guess all of this is to say, it looks like Nia's "relational giving" (the flu???) will be received by all at the party right about on Christmas day! Way to think ahead Nia!

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  1. I hope she's better soon! 'Tis better to give than receive, though.
    Merry Christmas! *the other Virginia!



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