Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Nia's pretty serious

Okay, I know I am "that" mother... the one who's always talking about her kids-- I'd say sorry, but I am not. :) I stinkin' love those little guys.

Another Nia funny story from last night. (You may be wondering why I never tell funny Nico stories-- well, I guess we don't really understand what the words "dee boo, ining da, la la" really mean, so he's not very funny to us...but someday we'll probably find out what those words mean and it's REALLY funny... mark my words.)

So we're having a discussion about hoping. We're talking about all sorts of things that we're hoping for and all sorts of things that we have hoped for. And Nick asks, "What is something that you've really been hoping for that hasn't happened yet?" (Nico's answer was (of course) dee boo, ining da, lala.) But Nia said, "My sister." And Nick said, "You're pretty serious about that huh?" And Nia said, "Yeah, I was thinking maybe a little Haitian girl baby, or maybe a Haitian belly baby." (Belly baby is our term for biological kids kids.)

So Nick says, "Let's just hope for a Haitian girl baby. I don't think we are going to get a Haitian belly baby."

And Nia says, "We might Dad. Maybe we WILL get a Haitian belly baby."

And as much as Nick and I have assured her that's not going to happen, she just won't believe it. Is NOW the time for the birds and the bees talk???

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  1. I like her idea better... It's more exciting if you never know what you are gonna get! :)


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