Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Just in case I was tempted to become prideful...

So I am not one of those parents who thinks their child can do no wrong. I am very aware that my children have faults (like all of us) and that they have areas which God must refine over time. That being said, lately I have just been TOTALLY loving my daughter Nia. I have seen such beauty in her heart recently and it has just made me so proud of her. She really does love people so very genuinely and is so incredibly generous. She has a giving heart and always wants to make sure everyone is included. There have been several times in the past few weeks where God has taken my breath away with how much I love her and how I not only love her, but actually LIKE her. :)

And then there was this morning. :) She was talking with her imaginary friends (like she does) and I hear her say, "Yeah, you're lucky your mom is a queen. My mom's a witch." Nice, huh?

In other kid news-- Josiah is sitting up finally. Well, for a few minutes at a time anyway, and then he usually topples over. Here he is watching "Baby Faith" (known in our house as "Baby Crack".)
Nico's potty training. Yeah, I don't really like potty training a boy. Growing up in a home full of girls, I have NO experience with things like this and it's WAY outside of my comfort zone. I am finding it to be all sorts of complicated in ways potty training a girl is not. Seriously! He will go to sit on the potty and pee and come back with the FRONT of his shirt soaking wet with pee. I am finding myself using phrases (with regularity) that I never thought I would use. In fact, this very morning I heard Nia in the bathroom with Nico and she was saying, "Shake it off Nico... like this..." (Yeah, like SHE'S qualified to give advice on that!) I guess this is just another one of the perks of being a "pampered" stay at home mom.


  1. Nico, Micah said to tell you that it's "Shake, shake. Now flush."

  2. Nia and the other kiddos are so cute! Sounds like Nia is being the big sister to her brothers, shake!!


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