Wednesday, December 26, 2007


There are times when I am just blown away by the goodness of God towards us. Today I am just extra grateful for my son Josiah. This is Josiah, who was healed by God three days after he was born:

Nick likes to write songs to sing to his kids. This is a song Nick wrote for Josiah:

Josiah in the land of
Broken hearts and broken wings

A child king--
Too much responsibility

Rely on the ones God has around you
And He'll surround you
With His love

Born on the first
But there's a second verse

Raised from death on the third day
Saved by a man
What an amazing plan

For all You've done--What can I say?
You know the best way
To show Your love

Josiah, in this life you'll be
In a land of broken dreams

But you were saved for man
To complete God's plan

And show His Son to those around you
As He surrounds you
With His love

Thank you God for Josiah.


  1. I wrote the song? Gwenn actually wrote about half of it. Plus, she put it to music.

    So I'm Bernie Taupin while she's Elton John. Enough said.

  2. wow, a husband/wife collaboration! that's more, you're right. Taupin/John.

    i'd love to hear the song. you guys should record it. or let me record you.


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